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International Clinical Trials
International Clinical Trials
ICT is a specialist journal designed to provide global coverage of key topics pertinent to the clinical trials sector.
European Biopharmaceutical Review
European Biopharmaceutical Review
EBR is well-recognised for providing beneficial information to players in the bio-industry including entrepreneurial biopharmaceutical and life science companies
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Packing Sourcer
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Packing Sourcer
PMPS is a specialist journal designed to provide worldwide coverage of a range of topics relating to the pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging sector.
Innovations in Pharmaceutical Technology
Innovations in Pharmaceutical Technology
IPT was launched in 1997 to provide the pharmaceutical industry with quality information on the latest cutting-edge technologies.
European Pharmaceutical Contractor
European Pharmaceutical Contractor
The EPC edition is designed to fill a unique position in pharmaceutical contractor publishing.
Clinical Trial Management
Q&A: Oncology Research

Putting the Patient First

Inability to retain patients is the reason why almost half of oncology studies fail, CRF Health’s Jessica Thilaganathan tells ICT, and proposes electronic clinical outcome solutions as a remedy.
Editors Letter
Editor’s Letter

EBR’s Editor Deborah O’Neil ponders the impact of the digital age on pharma and the improved data handling this facilitates, along with other focus features in this edition.
The End of the Line
End of the Line

Wait and See

Outlining the implications of a possible UK ‘Brexit’ from the EU for pharma, Robert Harris wonders what might happen to the relationship between the EMA and the MHRA, as well as other healthcare bodies.
Event Review

Latest on Life Sciences

EPC reports on the CMS Global Lifesciences Forum 2015, in which the biggest issues driving the sector were discussed.



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News and Press Releases

Axol Bioscience Announces Custom Cell and Tissue Sourcing Service

Cambridge, UK, 28 April 2016: Axol Bioscience, a biotechnology company specialising in the supply of primary and stem cell-derived human cells for use in disease modelling and drug discovery, announces the launch of its Custom Cell and Tissue Sourcing service.
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White Papers

Device Develop for Combo Products


Combination products are defined as therapeutics combining two or more products (drug/device, biologics/device, biologics/drugs or drug/device/biologics), regulated and sold as a single unit. As these pharmaceutical and biological therapies and treatments have evolved, so has the need to develop appropriate delivery mechanisms for these applications. When developing a combination product, there are many things that need to be considered – the critical relationships between device development and the pharmaceutical or biologic, early establishment of regulatory and clinical strategies, understanding ‘user’ needs, determining product requirements, as well as, device manufacturing variation.
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Industry Events


21-24 June 2016, Munich

AUTOMATICA is an international trade fair for robotics and automation, covering all industrial and non-industrial application fields.
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