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European Pharmaceutical Contractor
European Pharmaceutical Contractor
The journal is designed to fill a unique position in pharmaceutical contractor publishing.
International Clinical Trials
International Clinical Trials
ICT is a specialist journal designed to provide global coverage of key topics pertinent to the clinical trials sector.
European Biopharmaceutical Review
European Biopharmaceutical Review
EBR is well-recognised for providing beneficial information to players in the bio-industry including entrepreneurial biopharmaceutical and life science companies
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Packing Sourcer
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Packing Sourcer
PMPS is a specialist journal designed to provide worldwide coverage of a range of topics relating to the pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging sector.
Innovations in Pharmaceutical Technology
Innovations in Pharmaceutical Technology
IPT was launched in 1997 to provide the pharmaceutical industry with quality information on the latest cutting-edge technologies.
Q&A: Clinical Processes

Problem Solving

Industry pressures can be turned into an advantage – Andrew Newbigging at Medidata talks data, mHealth technologies and transforming trial processes.
Trial Design
Clinical Endpoints

On the Level

A primary measure of a drug's success or failure, clinical endpoints are a lynchpin in the R&D process. Rachel Swierzewski from ICON and Telerx's Adele Mueller explain how studies can utilise these independently assessed disease- or treatmentrelated events.
The introduction
Editor’s Letter

Deborah O’Neil comments on the ever-changing regulatory landscape, reminding us how quickly the industry moves, as well as highlighting a number of this edition’s features.
Pharma Serialisation

On the Brink of Extinction?

The three-year implementation period for the Safety Features regulations in the EU’s Falsified Medicines Directive is due to commence in 2015. Ian Haynes of 3C Integrity Consulting asks: will failure to comply trigger a mass extinction event within pharma?



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News and Press Releases

INC Research Ranked “Top CRO to Work With” Among Large Global CROs for a Second Straight Time in Biannual CenterWatch Survey

RALEIGH, N.C., April 1, 2015 – INC Research Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: INCR), a leading, global Phase I to IV contract research organization, is ranked “Top CRO to Work With” among large global CROs in the biannual CenterWatch Global Investigative Site Relationship Survey. Results of the 2015 survey were published earlier today by CenterWatch, the leading provider of global clinical trials information. INC Research also received the top ranking in CenterWatch’s most recent global investigative site relationship survey completed in 2013 and is the only CRO to rank consistently among the top three CROs in all seven CenterWatch site relationship surveys conducted since 2007.
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White Papers

Unmet Medical Needs? Impacted by unmet Life Sciences Staffing Needs?

Clinical Professionals

Whilst the majority of Clinical Professionals clients are working to discover and develop innovative, cost effective medicines that address unmet medical needs they are not impacting the unmet needs of training and developing new recruits into the pharma industry. The impact is highlighted within entry level Clinical Trial Administrators and Clinical Research Associates (CTA/CRA). In the past the Pharmaceutical industry had highly developed training programs for these sought after candidates. As the use of outsourcing models and CRO’s has increased and fewer Pharma businesses embark on their own R&D a substantial gap is developing in newly trained Life Science graduates entering the market to commence a career within R&D. As further financial cuts are made within R&D spend this already dire situation continues to escalate.
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Industry Events

Managing Risk, Complexity and Compliance

10-12 June 2015, Warsaw, Poland

Clinical trial management continues to face challenges in achieving the timelines and quality standards needed to meet ever-increasing regulatory and commercial requirements. To help PCMG members prepare and overcome these challenges, its 2015 conference will focus on three topics: risk, complexity, and compliance in clinical outsourcing.
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