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Gates and Doors

Important discoveries have enabled continued progress in biopharmaceutical sciences; the Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded jointly to Frances Arnold for the directed evolution of enzymes and to George Smith and Sir Gregory Winter for the phage display of peptides and antibodies. This work will accelerate the pace of biopharmaceutical drug discovery and open up opportunities for new agents. The Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine was awarded to James Allison and Tasuku Honjo for the discovery of cancer therapy by the inhibition of negative immune regulation. The result of their research, immune checkpoint therapy, is recognised as the fourth pillar in the fight against cancer, supplementing surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. It has fundamentally changed the outcome for certain groups of patients with advanced cancers.

At the same time, much work remains to be done in the quest to mitigate chronic diseases. The war on cancer persists as steady progress is made in precision medicine. The majority of recent drug approvals have received breakthrough therapy designation by the FDA. These focus mainly on targeted therapies, reflecting greater understanding of the underlying mechanisms. Among the major tumour types, biomarkers help specify patient treatment protocols and to distinguish different cancers, beyond more than just tissue types.

Cancer immunotherapy studies number in the thousands. The enthusiasm for this approach relates to the stunning success achieved in just a few years – alone or in combination protocols. After initial tissue-specific experience, the field has quickly evolved toward a tissue-agnostic paradigm, based on genetic biomarkers.

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According to the data obtained by WACD, the international air cargo information provider, in May; Turkish Cargo, the global air cargo brand providing service to 124 countries around the world, increased its tonnage rate by 7.1 percent, and grew substantially across the industry which shrank by 5.1 percent in the global air cargo market.
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Unmet Medical Needs? Impacted by unmet Life Sciences Staffing Needs?

Clinical Professionals

Whilst the majority of Clinical Professionals clients are working to discover and develop innovative, cost effective medicines that address unmet medical needs they are not impacting the unmet needs of training and developing new recruits into the pharma industry. The impact is highlighted within entry level Clinical Trial Administrators and Clinical Research Associates (CTA/CRA). In the past the Pharmaceutical industry had highly developed training programs for these sought after candidates. As the use of outsourcing models and CRO’s has increased and fewer Pharma businesses embark on their own R&D a substantial gap is developing in newly trained Life Science graduates entering the market to commence a career within R&D. As further financial cuts are made within R&D spend this already dire situation continues to escalate.
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Nordic Life Science Days 10/12 September 2019

10-12 September 2019, Malmo Sweden

Nordic Life Science Days is the largest Nordic partnering conference for the global Life Science industry. Bringing together the best talents in Life Science, offering amazing networking and partnering opportunities, providing inputs and content on the most recent trends. Nordic Life Science Days attracts leading decision makers from the Life Science sector, not only from biotech, pharma and medtech but also from finances, research, policy and regulatory authorities.
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