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Clinical Trial Supply Chains Accelerated by Labelling Innovation

Following the successful development, testing, and rollout of several COVID-19 vaccines in less than a year, might we be seeing a shift in expectations for drug discovery and development? Some will ask, why does it take 5 to 10 years for a molecule to make it to market when vaccines have been developed in around 12 months?

Undoubtedly, a global pandemic offers unique conditions, yet some of the innovations deployed to successfully manage rapid clinical trials and accelerate the supply chain can be transposed almost universally. Itís PRISYM IDís view that COVID-19 brought the life science supply chain closer together than ever before. As a result, new capabilities and levels of service should now become more routine.

Trial Delays and Need for Flexibility

Clinical trials are expensive endeavours, and the postponement of any phase can be incredibly costly as the data are needed to secure the next round of funding. Despite their essential nature, labels and booklets can be an afterthought when considering potential improvements to the supply chain. However, when an external supplier with a two- to three-week lead time is tasked with making yet another last-minute content change, this creates an unnecessary delay.

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PRISYM ID provides regulated content and label management solutions designed specifically for life science companies and medical device manufacturers, improving patient safety and health outcomes while ensuring regulatory compliance. PRISYM IDís unique products and technologies are used to assure compliance globally, for 10 million+ medical device, clinical trial, and pharmaceutical products annually.
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