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A New Era for Mesh Nebulisers

Nebulisers have been an important device for inhalation therapy since their invention in the 19th century. Throughout the years, different technologies have been developed with the goal of further improving the treatment of respiratory diseases. Today, new devices offer the possibility to generate innovative approaches, overcoming previous limitations and widening the use of nebulisers in areas that have not been explored yet.

The Evolution of Nebulisers

To depict a clearer picture of the evolution of nebulisers, it is essential to start with the invention of the jet nebulisers, which resulted in a massive breakthrough when they were first introduced as a medical device in the respiratory field. This event constituted itself as a pillar that opened a new chapter in the history of inhalation therapy and still has vast implications nowadays. About a century later, in the mid-20th, the ultrasonic nebulisers were introduced with their new features and advantages. The objective of developing this new device was to improve nebulisation experience. However, it was not until the appearance of mesh nebulisers, at the end of the 20th century, that a revolution among nebulisers occurred, catching the attention of professionals in the medical field thanks to the higher levels of efficiency of these devices. Moreover, mesh nebulisers have been proven to broaden the areas of application when compared to their predecessors.

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About the author

Hernan Cuevas Brun studied Biomedical Engineering at National Tsing Hua University in Hsinchu, Taiwan, at which he did research focusing on drug delivery for several years. After obtaining an MBA degree, he joined HCmed Innovations where he was appointed as Marketing Manager. He has helped rebrand the mesh nebuliser manufactured by HCmed, which is based on a drug-device combination platform to enhance inhaled drug delivery. Besides working on the marketing strategy of the company, Hernan also collaborates in the participation arrangements of HCmed in four major conferences every year: the Drug Delivery to the Lungs Conference, the European Respiratory Society International Congress, the Respiratory Drug Delivery Conference, and the American Thoracic Society Conference.
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