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Eight Key Benefits to Automation for Pharma Manufacturing

Investing in automation and robotics technology can result in a wide range of benefits for businesses within pharma manufacturing, including improvements in efficiency, safety, and overall performance. Importantly, automated trucks and warehouse systems can also bring about significant cost savings, as well as help to reduce carbon emissions throughout the supply chain.

As one of the most rapidly advancing industries, we’ve seen automation developing at speed within the pharma sector. We’re seeing increasing demand from clients across the industry looking to keep up with latest innovations and technologies to ensure they can compete with rising demand and ever-tightening clinical development deadlines. Meeting this demand is essential; businesses that are unable to keep up risk falling behind competitors.

The past year has shone a light on the pharma industry and its global supply chain, and has brought about rapid change in how the industry operates. Those pressures brought on by the pandemic – such as shifting to new working practices, reduced workforce numbers due to social distancing and illness, and the implementation of additional hygiene measures to safeguard employee health, among many others – has made it necessary for manufacturers to adapt their operations across the board.

These changes have led to an accelerated adoption of new technologies, which otherwise may have progressed at a much slower pace. As we move towards a reset and recovery across the healthcare sector, we are now seeing our customers shift to their pre-COVID-19 production levels – but with automation firmly at the heart of their operations to help streamline and improve manufacturing, warehouse, and logistics operations.

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Kenny Watson is an Automation Sales Manager at Linde Material Handling UK with experience across retail, third party logistics, material handling, and automation. Kenny specialises in automated logistics solutions, assisting customers to streamline their operations via the sale and introduction of bespoke automated systems and trucks, with a focus on business improvement and robotics.

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