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Unit-Dose Nasal Sprays - Systemic Delivery Through the Nose

In recent years, the nasal route has received a great deal of attention as a convenient and reliable method for the systemic administration of several compounds. In such cases, the nasal mucosa is used as a portal of entry for drugs into the bloodstream. Conventional drug delivery devices used for the nasal route include metering spray pumps, pressurised metered dose inhalers, squeeze bottles and, to a lesser extent, nasal drops. They are all used in conjunction with liquid formulations (solutions or suspensions). Another unusual but promising approach is to dispense dry powder formulations to/through the nasal mucosa.

Unit-Dose Nasal Sprays

These designate small disposable devices that deliver a limited number of sprays, for example, one or two shots (one per nostril). Another attribute is that they are 'ready to use' - there is no need to shake and/or prime the device prior to use. In addition, they can be used in any position. Examples of commercial pharmaceutical products that use unit-dose nasal spray devices:
Calcitonin, Aventis
Calcitonin, ICN
Inflexal Flu Vaccine, Berna Biotech
Sumatriptan, GlaxoSmithKline

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By Pierre Carlotti, Marketing Director at Valois' Pharmaceutical Division Pierre Carlotti is the Marketing Director at Valois' pharmaceutical division. From 1996, Pierre Carlotti held the position of Associate Director of Business Development. He has a bachelor and a masters degree in Biology and he also obtained a business degree from the Institut Supérieur du Commerce Extérieur (ISCE) in Paris.
Before working for Valois, Pierre occupied various commercial and marketing positions at Synthelabo and West Pharmaceutical Services.

Pierre Carlotti
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