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Clinical Trial Supply Southeast Conference 2017

Clinical Trial Supply Southeast Conference 2017

3-4 May 2017
Cary, North Carolina

Cary is part of the Southeastís Research Triangle Park, a growing and thriving community of over 80 biotech and life science companies. With such a booming community, Clinical Trial Supply Southeast gives local trial sponsors and vendors the opportunity to come together and discuss the latest trials and tribulations for the local industry. Here are the top 3 reasons why you should attend out CTS Southeast Conference in 2017:                            

  1. Excellent networking opportunities: The Clinical Trial Supply Southeast Conference is going into its 3rd year in 2017 and we have already built up an excellent, high-level client list. Our audience in 2016 were rubbing shoulders with the FDA, US Customs and Border Protection, GSK, and Pfizer, as well as top vendors from across the US.
  1. Ongoing inefficiencies in the clinical supply chain: The clinical supply chain is a very complex beast with many different balls in the air to constantly juggle. The Clinical Trial Supply Southeast Conference give you the opportunity to come dive deep into each aspect of this supply chain and ensure that your efforts are getting you the best results.
  1. Sourcing solutions: With many smaller and start-up companies in the Southeast region the Clinical Trial Supply Southeast Conference gives you the opportunity to meet with well-established and experienced vendors who can help you through the entirety of your supply chain ensuring your resources are spent in the optimal way

Registration is now open for Clinical Trial Supply Southeast Conference and we canít wait to see you there! Book now and quote code: MK-ACEL

Contact Details:

Alfie Chan | +44(0)2079366707

phone Alfie Chan: +44(0)2079366707
email Cary, North Carolina
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