Innovations in Pharmaceutical Technology
Innovations in Pharmaceutical Technology
IPT was launched in 1997 to provide the pharmaceutical industry with quality information on the latest cutting-edge technologies.
International Clinical Trials
International Clinical Trials
ICT is a specialist journal designed to provide global coverage of key topics pertinent to the clinical trials sector.
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Packing Sourcer
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Packing Sourcer
PMPS is a specialist journal designed to provide worldwide coverage of a range of topics relating to the pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging sector.
European Biopharmaceutical Review
European Biopharmaceutical Review
EBR is well-recognised for providing beneficial information to players in the bio-industry including entrepreneurial biopharmaceutical and life science companies
Regulatory Affairs
The Impact of the EU MDR on Medical Device Supply Chains

Chad Reynolds at Maetrics

The new EU MDR deadline has been postponed to 2021, giving pharmaceutical and medical device companies extra time to get prepared for the many changes they will have to instigate
COVID-19: The Effects on the Supply Chain
Smart Indicators for Time and Temperature in Healthcare

Nora Murphy at Timestrip

The coronavirus pandemic has brought into sharp relief a number of issues in the healthcare and medtech sectors, which were perhaps less well known previously. Among these is the monitoring of temperature and storage time on products that have a defined shelf life, or are most sensitive to their environment – everything from biological specimens and pharmaceutical products to the humble hospital curtain. Greater sensitivity to infection issues means that today’s healthcare professional needs to consider best practice in the deployment of disposable indicators for time and temperature.

R&D on COVID-19
Would Greater Diversity and Inclusion Improve Innovation?

Stephen Frost at Frost Included

The pharma industry is responsible for great strides in world health, yet it’s undeniable that there are still many more goals to accomplish, and a lack of diversity may be holding it back



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News and Press Releases

Nemera and Noble announce collaboration to support patients who self-administer medication

Nemera is excited to leverage the new collaboration to expand end-to- end offering of the parenteral franchise and increase patient onboarding through safer multi-use training devices
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White Papers

The Importance of Critical Temperatures in the Freeze Drying of Pharmaceutical Products

Biopharma Group

Every formulation has a critical temperature, below which it should be cooled for complete solidification and maintained below during primary drying in order to prevent processing defects. To design a freeze drying cycle on a rational basis such information should be identified.
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Industry Events

Clinical Operations in Oncology Trials West Coast

17-18 November 2020, Hilton San Francisco Airport Bayfront

Clinical Operations in Oncology Trials West Coast will be returning this April for another 2 day event full of thought-provoking presentations, discussions and roundtables. This years' conference highlights include the high-level, interactive immuno-oncology discussion panel where specialists from Shasta Bio Ventures, Abbvie and BeiGene shared their top tips on how to run successful and impactful immuno-oncology studies.
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