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European Pharmaceutical Contractor
European Pharmaceutical Contractor
The journal is designed to fill a unique position in pharmaceutical contractor publishing.
International Clinical Trials
International Clinical Trials
ICT is a specialist journal designed to provide global coverage of key topics pertinent to the clinical trials sector.
European Biopharmaceutical Review
European Biopharmaceutical Review
EBR is well-recognised for providing beneficial information to players in the bio-industry including entrepreneurial biopharmaceutical and life science companies
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Packing Sourcer
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Packing Sourcer
PMPS is a specialist journal designed to provide worldwide coverage of a range of topics relating to the pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging sector.
Innovations in Pharmaceutical Technology
Innovations in Pharmaceutical Technology
IPT was launched in 1997 to provide the pharmaceutical industry with quality information on the latest cutting-edge technologies.
Regional Focus
Clinical Research: Turkey

Land of Opportunity

At the centre of an emerging region, Turkey boasts a supportive regulatory framework, a large number of sites and diverse patients, and a competive cost structure. Ömer Sadun Okyaltırık and Yamin Khan of Pharm-Olam report.

Training & Development
Staff Competency

Up to the Job?

Lack of competence among clinical research staff can scupper a trial and jeopardise the rights and safety of patients. But, as IAOCR's Martin Robinson recognises, the industry is wising up to the use of competency frameworks that objectively assess and manage an individual's performance.
Precision Medicine


Kenneth Butz and Holly Hilton of PPD reveal how novel trial designs – as well as the simultaneous introduction of targeted therapies and in vitro companion diagnostic devices – can hasten advances in precision medicine.
Supply Chain Stakeholders

Who Is The Customer?

With so many involved in the pharma manufacturing supply chain, Alan Cox of Indigo Lighthouse discusses the role each stakeholder has to play in meeting patients’ ever-evolving expectations.



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News and Press Releases

Interview with the Winner of the 1st ever Central Eastern European Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Excellence Award

ABB, together with its customer Gedeon Richter, won the 1st ever CEE Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Excellence Award in the solution provider category at PHARM Connect
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White Papers

Case Study: Cmed’s Mobile Data Management Solution

Cmed Clinical Services

The trial presented to Cmed was a randomized, double blinded, placebo and active controlled study to evaluate the cardiac safety of multiple doses of [study drug] in health volunteers. The pharmaceutical company, who were into the second year of development of a potential blockbuster compound for the treatment of chronic myelogenous leukaemia (CML), were requested by the FDA to design a trial to provide information on the cardiac safety of different dose levels of the study drug in healthy adult volunteers. The primary objective of the study was specifically to find the maximum tolerated dose before QTc levels became unsafe. All development of the compound was put on hold until the results of this study were submitted to the FDA and approval granted for the compound to progress into full development.
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Industry Events

Cancer Vaccines

16-17 September 2015, Marriott Regents Park Hotel, London UK

The 4th annual Cancer Vaccines conference will strengthen knowledge of targeted immunotherapies taking the foreground in revolutionizing cancer vaccines as well as look at the practicalities towards achieving sustained immune response.
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