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European Pharmaceutical Contractor (EPC) is designed to fill a unique position in pharmaceutical publishing. Providing a dedicated platform of communication and information for the international pharmaceutical contract market, it consists of a series of articles and case studies written by eminent figures in contractor groups and traditional multinational pharmaceutical companies.

Each quarterly edition examines areas of importance – both economic and technical – to contract research organisations, contract manufacturers, regulatory controllers, consultants and analysts. This enables regulatory bodies to link directly with policy-makers both in major contractor groups and pharmaceutical companies, and thereby convey regulatory information directly from the governing bodies, but also ensure debate between the policy-makers and consultancy groups.


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Featured in this issue
Recruitment Providers

Quality Check

A poor employee provider can damage both wider brand image and internal quality. Matthew Beedle at NonStop Recruitment suggests that companies seek greater awareness of how their staffing is carried out, and ensure their supplier is regulatory-compliant and ethically sound.
In Conclusion
In Conclusion

Going Viral

When it comes to this year's Ebola outbreak, Graham Hughes questions whether we can still rely on pharma's investment to curb the crisis.
  Research and Development
Neurodegeneration and Ageing

Links of Life

Paul Gard and Sara Fidalgo at the University of Brighton look at the links between old age, dementia and depression. They assess their aetiologies and the negative effects that cognitive-enhancing drugs can have on the gastrointestinal tract.

Edited by
Dr Graham Hughes,
Consultant in
Published quarterly in
March, June,
September and December

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Industry Events

Parallel Trade

9-10 February 2015, Holiday Inn Regents Park Hotel, London, UK

Different regulatory regimes for pharmaceuticals result in significant differences in pharmaceutical prices across countries. These prices make it profitable for parallel trade to take place in addition to it reaching a significant proportion of total national pharmaceutical expenditure in many European countries.
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News and Press Releases

CPhI Pharma Insights: India report launched live at CPhI India

CPhI India report forecasts new MNCs to emerge from India’s pharma SMEs and Japan & Africa as key export growth markets. Indian manufacturers evolving up value chain, concentrating on high-value, low volume work and shifting some R&D programmes to Western economies. NCE launch predicted in next few years.
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White Papers

Protein Therapeutics

Reading Scientific Services Ltd (RSSL)

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