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Published quarterly, European Pharmaceutical Contractor (EPC) covers the essential contract research issues between pharma companies and their CRO partners. The title, which is integrated within International Clinical Trials (ICT) magazine, offers a strategic view of the drug development industry giving its pharma, biotech and CRO readership expert insight and analysis on the sponsor-service provider landscape.

EPC focuses on key trends, concerns and developments in contract research operations across the drug development spectrum, from preclinical to post-marketing. It explores the shifting collaborative needs and practical implications for sponsors and their contract partners, with the emphasis on building and managing effective collaborations.

Prompted by the synergies between outsourcing and trial operations, EPC joined forces with sister brand ICT in late-2015, in a move that brings added value to both brands. With EPC now an inserted edition within ICT, industry practitioners across these complementary subject areas now have unrivalled access to a wealth of shared views and analyses.


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Featured in this issue
Marketplace & Business
CRO Growth

Deal Me In

Contract research continues to thrive as CROs strengthen their R&D services and sponsors tighten their budgets. Growth is surging this year and predicted to at least the end of the decade, driven by the big players and market consolidation. EPC has more.
Q&A: Investigator Site Data

Joint Ventures

Through collaborative efforts such as the Shared Investigator Platform, biopharma partners are working to lessen administrative burdens for investigators and enhance the patient experience. Jackie Kent of Eli Lilly and TransCelerate talks to EPC.
  Risk Management

Progress Report

EPC offers a run-down of specific measures being implemented by the EMA to maximise the efficiency of the EudraVigilance safety reporting system for adverse events, following a significant decline in signals in 2014.


Published quarterly in
February, May,
August and November

Industry Events

11th Annual Biomarkers Congress

25-26 February 2016, Manchester Central Convention Complex, Manchester, UK

Oxford Global is proud to present its 11th Annual Biomarkers Congress taking place on the 25th& 26th February 2016 in Manchester. Our renowned congress will bring together over 250 attendees from pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies as well as academia.
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News and Press Releases

Innova Biosciences Appoints Steve Howell as Non-Executive Director

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White Papers

The Importance of Critical Temperatures in the Freeze Drying of Pharmaceutical Products

Biopharma Group

Every formulation has a critical temperature, below which it should be cooled for complete solidification and maintained below during primary drying in order to prevent processing defects. To design a freeze drying cycle on a rational basis such information should be identified.
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