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European Pharmaceutical Contractor (EPC) is designed to fill a unique position in pharmaceutical publishing. Providing a dedicated platform of communication and information for the international pharmaceutical contract market, it consists of a series of articles and case studies written by eminent figures in contractor groups and traditional multinational pharmaceutical companies.

Each quarterly edition examines areas of importance both economic and technical to contract research organisations, contract manufacturers, regulatory controllers, consultants and analysts. This enables regulatory bodies to link directly with policy-makers both in major contractor groups and pharmaceutical companies, and thereby convey regulatory information directly from the governing bodies, but also ensure debate between the policy-makers and consultancy groups.


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Featured in this issue
Legal & Regulatory
EU Clinical Trials Regulation

New and Approved

Although the new EU Clinical Trials Regulation is set to improve transparency, streamline processes and reduce administrative burden, Shuna Mason, Roland Wiring and Andrew Payne at CMS are concerned that it will not be a smooth transition.

Research and Development
Engineered Nanotechnology

Nano Debate: Part 2

Although we are exposed to nanoparticles through natural sources and in everyday products, they have been shown to damage human health and the environment. Shelley Bowers at Asons Solicitors suggests halting use of engineered nanotechnology until further research is carried out.
  Research and Development
Neurodegeneration and Ageing

Links of Life

Paul Gard and Sara Fidalgo at the University of Brighton look at the links between old age, dementia and depression. They assess their aetiologies and the negative effects that cognitive-enhancing drugs can have on the gastrointestinal tract.

Edited by
Dr Graham Hughes,
Consultant in
Published quarterly in
March, June,
September and December

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Industry Events

6th Annual Global Drug Delivery & Formulation Summit

9-11 February 2015, Dusseldorf, Germany

All your Drug Delivery and Formulation questions answered. All your problems solved. All your challenges overcome.  
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News and Press Releases

How to Achieve High Speed High Resolution Glycan Mapping for MAb Characterization

To help researchers overcome the challenges associated with glycan analysis, Agilent has introduced its AdvanceBio Glycan Mapping columns which have been engineered and manufactured to deliver rapid, reproducible, high-resolution glycan identification to increase throughput without sacrificing the quality of data.
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White Papers

New Temperature Profiles from a Global Study

Laminar Medica

Recently there has been an influx of temperature mapping studies to collect sufficient ambient data to develop temperature profiles.  Solid temperature profiles on specific shipping routes are required to ensure streamlined packaging and robust lane qualification. The most reliable method to develop temperature profiles is to capture the actual reading from shipments, as well as using the historical and meteorological data to increase the confidence level.
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