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Ensuring Adequate Temperature Controlled Distribution - Regulations, Recommendations and Technology

New Pharmaceutical Challenges
Temperature controlled deliveries of pharmaceuticals and samples are increasingly common. Five years ago the majority of flu vaccines distributed were not temperature controlled. Today, 65 per cent are delivered through the cold chain using packaging and monitoring advances based on the latest recommendations from regulatory bodies. Collaboration, particularly in research, means sensitive substances need to be shared quickly between partners. However, a number of regulations govern such materials, especially in clinical trials. These regulations are continuing to evolve, but packaging and monitoring technology exists which meets and even anticipates the legal regulations. The following industry issues have led to the need for more advanced temperature controlled packaging, monitoring and supply chains:

Mega-mergers and increasing collaboration - Efforts to achieve a critical mass
in R&D and reduce production and marketing costs have led to companies working
alongside former competitors. The industry as a whole faces greater competition and
more integration with a range of business partners.
Falling R&D productivity and shortening patent times - R&D has become a race
against time where delays can be costly. There are few rewards for second place.
In 2000, 13 of the top 100 drugs sold were not patented. By 2005, 53 of the top 100
drugs will be off-patent when they go to market.
More demanding consumers and end users - Greater availability of information due
to initiatives such as direct-to-consumer marketing has led to more consumer choice and
price competition. This in turn has increased the need for direct distribution to some end
users or more complicated supply chains.
Regulatory changes that demand greater control and accountability.

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By Mario Johnson, Pharmaceutical Industry Development Manager for DHL UK

A Business Studies Graduate from the Buckinghamshire Management College, Mario Johnson is the Pharmaceutical Industry Manager for DHL International (UK) Ltd. Mario joined DHL in 1993 and went on to become a Business Development Manager, first for DHL North East Region, and then for the Central Logistics Department.

In his role as Pharmaceutical Industry Manager, Mario works alongside a team of key account managers and is responsible for developing and implementing state-of-the-art delivery solutions.
Mario Johnson
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