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EPC: What was your entry point into the pharma industry?

Aurélien Dupuy: After an early career in cancer research, I embraced the industry by joining Deallus Group, a boutique strategy consultancy dedicated to the pharma market. Working with different clients – from small biotech to large pharma companies – and on a wide diversity of projects allowed me to quickly develop a solid expertise of the business.

Which part of your current role do you most enjoy?

Serving as the Director of Oncology at GlobalData, I very much enjoy the challenge of developing innovative products. Looking into new areas, such as personalised medicines, adaptive trial design and alternative therapeutic approaches, is very exciting. Market forecasting is also of great interest because of the complexity of the oncology sector. Finally, I come from a consulting background, so serving clients by finding the best tailored solutions has always been a leitmotiv.

Which part is the most challenging?

Forecasting the economic and political changes that are going to shape the industry are without doubt the most challenging. The whole healthcare industry is at a critical point where the demand on healthcare expenditure has never been so high, drug development has never been so costly and regulatory bodies have never been so strict. Additionally, the market for new products is under the pressure of increasing segmentations as well as generic competition. Forecasting has always been a complicated exercise, but it is even harder these days than it was in the past.

How would you describe your business philosophy?

I usually move forward one step after another, always building up a secure foundation that will allow me to move with assurance to the next level. I am only adventurous to a certain extent. It is a less risky yet less entrepreneurial philosophy than some, but it ensures stability. I initially developed a solid scientific background, then moved on to developing my business acumen. Consolidation is important to me.

What has been your proudest moment?

Defending a PhD is a great moment. You develop a reputation as an expert in your field, and you are given the opportunity to show your work to your peers. I defended my thesis at the Curie Institute in Paris; it is such a unique place. The institute is both a research centre and a hospital, and solely focuses on cancer. Its history goes back to the beginning of the 20th century when Marie Curie’s laboratory was funded. I presented my thesis in the room Marie Curie used to teach students. Her heavy wooden bench is still there.

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Aurélien Dupuy is the Director for Oncology, Haematology and Gender Health at GlobalData. Prior to this he was a consultant at Deallus Group. Aurélien was awarded a Master’s degree in the ‘fundamental basis of oncogenesis’ before training for a PhD at the Curie Institute in Paris, followed by a two-year research associate position at Imperial College London.
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