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European Biopharmaceutical Review (EBR) is a journal designed to fill a unique position in scientific publishing. Published quarterly, it provides a dedicated platform of communication and information for the European biopharmaceutical market across Europe, North America & the rest of the world.

With editorial consisting of in-depth articles, case studies, meeting and report reviews written by specialists with hands-on experience in the biopharmaceutical industry, traditional multi-national pharmaceutical companies, investment houses and industry-associated governmental, economic and societal bodies. Each quarterly edition examines topical areas of importance across the board of biopharmaceutical research and development, with regular feature sections on BioBusiness Development, Research and Innovation, BioDiscovery, BioManufacturing plus special focuses on geographic or therapeutic territories.

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Featured in this issue
BioResearch and Innovation
Oral Diseases

Mouth to Mouth

Pierre Attali at BioAlliance Pharma considers why systemic and topical treatments for oral diseases are not always the best option, and recommends the use of mucoadhesive buccal formulations as an alternative.
BioDevelopment and Regulatory
Patent Protection

The Secret of Success

Bioproduction processes can offer companies the chance to exploit new subject matter to extend the patent life of a drug. This rise in second-generation copyrights is prompting legal moves, says Paul Calvo at Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein and Fox.
  BioResearch and Innovation
A Rare Approach

The successful development of iminosugar-based chaperone compounds could be the answer to treating lysosomal storage diseases and many other orphan pathologies. Julie Charollais-Thoenig and Stéphane Demotz at Dorphan SA explain.

Edited by
Dr Deborah O'Neil,
Chief Executive and Scientific Officer,
NovaBiotics Ltd
Published quarterly in
January, April,
July and October

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Industry Events

BIO-Europe® 2014

3-5 November 2014, Frankfurt, Germany

BIO-Europe® is the preeminent partnering conference for the life sciences. BIO-Europe brings together international decision makers from the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and financial sectors, offering networking opportunities, workshop and panel participation, a high profile exhibition, and private, prescheduled one-to-one meetings.
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News and Press Releases

Exclusive: GSK to talk on Gene Editing

Gene editing technologies in cell based assays, presented by GSK, will be just one of the highlights at SMi’s 7th annual Cell Based Assays Conference taking place on 11th and 12th November in London UK.
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White Papers

Working Towards a Standardised Identification Solution

Packaging Coordinators, Inc.

The security of the pharmaceutical supply chain is an issue of growing concern, with recent reports addressing its vulnerability to counterfeiting. The complexity of the European supply chain is one of the key factors of this counterfeiting pandemic, with millions of medicine packs being moved around the EU, annually. Aside from this, fragmentation has resulted in decreased transparency in the supply chain and increased difficulties to track and trace medicines, leading to significant threat from counterfeiting. As a key source of income for the European economy, it is essential that the supply chain remains safe and free of counterfeits. A significant stumbling block within the industry remains to be the lack of a unified, single‐source pan‐European or indeed global database where scanned bar codes on drug packaging can be verified at point of dispense. At some point in the future the pharmaceutical industry, regulatory bodies, clinicians and retailers will need to join forces to overcome this.
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