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European Biopharmaceutical Review (EBR) is a journal designed to fill a unique position in scientific publishing. Published quarterly, it provides a dedicated platform of communication and information for the European biopharmaceutical market across Europe, North America & the rest of the world.

With editorial consisting of in-depth articles, case studies, meeting and report reviews written by specialists with hands-on experience in the biopharmaceutical industry, traditional multi-national pharmaceutical companies, investment houses and industry-associated governmental, economic and societal bodies. Each quarterly edition examines topical areas of importance across the board of biopharmaceutical research and development, with regular feature sections on BioBusiness Development, Research and Innovation, BioDiscovery, BioManufacturing plus special focuses on geographic or therapeutic territories.

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Emma Naks

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Featured in this issue
Funding Models

Destination Europe

Poul Sørensen and Emil Pot of European Biopharmaceutical Enterprises comment on Europe’s sluggish R&D output, and recommend mobilising investment to encourage innovative entrepreneurship as a means of boosting economic growth.
Q&A: Vaccine Insight

Developing Immunity

Frost & Sullivan’s Aish Vivekanandan guides EBR through the hurdles of vaccine development and the impact of Ebola, before discussing what we can expect from the next decade of research.
Event Review: Crystallography

Crystal Clear

Following on from 2014 – the Year of Crystallography –EBR’s Emma Naks reviews photographer Max Alexander’s exhibition, Illuminating Atoms, which captured crystallography experiments in action, as well as displaying portraits of modern day crystallographers

Edited by
Dr Deborah O'Neil,
Chief Executive and Scientific Officer,
NovaBiotics Ltd
Published quarterly in
January, April,
July and October
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Industry Events

DIA Annual Clinical Forum

14-15 April 2015, Paris, France

The 27th DIA Clinical Forum 2015, held in Paris from 14 – 15 April offers the ideal venue for professionals seeking to understand the professional implications of the changing European research environment.
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News and Press Releases

Europital participates at the next Clinical Trials Innovation Programme 2015

Gent, Belgium: February 10th, 2015 – Europital will attend the upcoming Clinical Trials Innovation Programme (CTIP) 2015 that takes place next 3rd and 4th of March in the cosmopolitan city of Munich.
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White Papers

Running Better Trials Taking an Intelligent Monitoring Approach


When it comes to implementing a risk-based monitoring program, it is not just about reducing monitoring visits and doing less Source Document Verification (SDV). It’s about bringing together your people, a solid process, and the right technology to run a better trial. Success with risk-based monitoring requires the ability to make sense of the thousands, if not millions, of data points captured by multiple disparate sources in a clinical trial. With the sheer volume of data generated on a daily basis comes complexity. How does one make sense of it all? Information overload burdens even the most experienced study teams who struggle to understand which data matters most and what it means.
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