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European Biopharmaceutical Review

Next-Generation Treatments to Cure Chronic Diseases

In the last decade, the treatment of diseases has changed dramatically. Real breakthroughs bringing about true diseasemodifying treatments, or even cures for life-threatening diseases, have come from entirely new therapeutic modalities, such as cell and gene therapy (C&GT). Examples include Kymriah® (tisagenlecleucel) to treat rare blood cancers, or Luxturna® (voretigene neparvovec) for the treatment of a rare form of blindness caused by mutations in a specific gene in retinal cells.

Academic researchers and industry have recognised the huge potential of C&GTs to transform the way we treat injuries and diseases in the future. However, significant challenges remain before such treatments can reach larger patient populations at reasonable prices.

With EVOcells and EVOgenes, Evotec has established two versatile advanced genetic therapy platforms with the goal of developing affordable, curative cell and gene therapies. To offer partners easy access to these promising fields, EVOcells and EVOgenes are integrated into Evotec’s modality-agnostic drug discovery and development platform, the so-called ‘Data-driven R&D Autobahn to Cures’. Partners will not only benefit from Evotec’s outstanding expertise in cell and gene therapy, but also from the company’s vast expertise along the pharmaceutical value chain from disease biology through to manufacturing.

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Evotec is a life science company with a unique business model focused on delivering highly effective new therapeutics to the patients. The company leverages its ‘Data-driven R&D Autobahn to Cures’ for proprietary projects and within a network of partners including pharma, biotech, academics, and other healthcare stakeholders. With more than 3,900 highly qualified people at 14 sites, Evotec aims to create the world-leading, co-owned pipeline for innovative therapeutics.

For additional information please visit and follow us on Twitter @Evotec and on LinkedIn.
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