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Summer 2004
At the cutting edge of the latest industry developments, Samedan is adept at keeping the information you need at your fingertips. EBR provides a unique platform of communication for the market across Europe, North America and the rest of the developed world. To find out what's hot in the world of of biopharmaceuticals, take a look below at the range of articles featured in this issue of EBR.
In her Editor's Letter, Dr Helen Abbott reviews the hot topics in this issue  
Science and Innovation
Beating Cancer Cells at their own Game: Professor Lindy Durrant of Scancell Ltd, Professor Stephen P Jackson of KuDOS Pharmaceuticals Ltd and Dr Klaus Giese of atugen AG, investigate the story  
Rajaram Sankaran, Industry Analyst with Frost & Sullivan's Technical Insights Division, reveals a Panacea in the Pipeline - Promising Drug Development Efforts Offer Hope to Cancer Patients  
Peter M Fischer, Head of Discovery Research at Cyclacel Limited, investigates Apoptosis and Chemotherapy: Helping Cancer Cells to Die  
Business Development and Financing
Mark Clement, Chief Executive of Merlin Biosciences, examines the current climate for Investing in European Life Sciences  
Dr Konrad Burk of ClinDescience GmbH, Dr William McCulloch of Gloucester Pharmaceuticals, Dr Alexander von Nieciecki of BioProof, and Dr Wolfgang Meyer and Dr Benno Rattel of GPC Biotech AG, ask Why is Scientific Due Diligence Essential in Drug Development?  
Effective responses to new investment opportunities are hampered by lack of preparation, contend Patrick Martin, Partner and Martin Finnegan, Senior Solicitor at McGrigors, in The IPO Window Reopens - Are you Ready?  
Nigel Sheail, Global Head, Strategic Alliances & Acquisitions at Roche Pharma, discusses Driving Productivity through Strategic Partnering  
Legal, Ethical and Regulatory
In Maximise the Return on Ethics Consultations by Minimising Deficit Thinking, Dr Andrew Smart, Sociology Research Officer for the Oxford Genetics Knowledge Park and Dr Kevin E Jones, Senior Research Associate at Brunel University, argue that deeply embedded assumptions about knowledge and expertise may curtail positive outcomes  
Dr Sandy Thomas, Director of the Nuffield Council on Bioethics, considers the ethical, legal, regulatory and social issues that may be raised as research progresses towards application in A Discussion of the Ethical Issues which Surround Pharmacogenetics  
Dr Delon Human, Secretary General of the World Medical Association, discusses the pre-eminent ethical guide on health care research in, The Declaration of Helsinki: Protecting Patient Rights in Biomedical Research Drug Discovery Technologies  
Dr Mark C Field, Department of Biological Sciences at Imperial College, London, and Dr Mark Carrington, Department of Biochemistry at the University of Cambridge, UK, explore Functional Genomics in Trypanosomes: Using RNA Interference to Assign Gene Function and Validate Drug Targets in Tropical Disease Agents  
Elucidation of genetic factors in causation and new treatments will be accelerated as Fully Automated Storage Creates an Open Source for Genetic Epidemiology, say Dr Martin Yuille, Chief Scientific Officer and Dr Cheng-Eng Ang, MRC DNA Banking Network Manager at MRC geneservice  
Stephanie Fulmer-Smentek, Senior R&D Research Scientist at Agilent Technologies Inc and Luis Lombardia, Research Associate at Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Oncologicas (CNIO), explore the Performance Comparison of 60-mer and 25-mer In Situ Synthesised Oligonucleotide Microarrays  
Dr Christian Bailly of Pierre Fabre, Dr David Wilson of Georgia State University, USA, and Dr Alan McWhirter of Biacore AB, assert that investigation of alternative drug targets is imperative in Optimising DNA-Binding Characteristics of Anticancer and Antiparasitic Drugs  
Biodevelopment and Manufacturing
In Drugs for Life - How 'Lifestyle' Medicines can Lead the Way to Healthy Profits, Chris Every, CEO of Enhance Biotech outlines the era of 'wellbeing' 88 Katherine Sacksteder, Director of Communications at Sequella, Inc, presents methods of navigating hurdles in the face of a tight budget, in Clinical Trial Challenges for Biotech Start-ups  
Adding Value in Exploratory Drug Development: Daryl Bendel, Managing Director of Charterhouse Clinical Research Unit Limited, and Rukhsana Ahsan, Laboratory Director of Clinical Trials Laboratory Services, explore The Clinical Trials Centre/Clinical Trials Laboratory Interface  
Michael R Hamrell, President of MORIAH Consultants, considers the continually evolving Preclinical Safety Assessment of Biologic Products  
Therapeutic proteins constitute a significant proportion of the global market, but experience and know-how is essential to high quality production, says Tony Hitchcock, Associate Director of Microbial Products at Cobra in Manufacturing Recombinant Proteins: Facing up to the Challenges of Making Tomorrow's Medicines  
Regional Focus: Scandinavia
Ylva Williams, Head of Life Sciences at the Invest in Sweden Agency, provides an insight into future challenges for Europe's fourth largest biotech country, in Sweden: Building Better Biotechnology  
Cross Border Research and Innovation in Medicon Valley - Stina Gestrelius and Anette Birck at Medicon Valley Academy offer an introduction to the region  
The knowledge-based growth strategy of Finland strongly supports research and development, explains Saara Hassinen, Assistant Director of Finnish Bioindustries in Biotechnology Industry in Finland  
Dr Beat E Glatthaar, Swiss General Manager of BioValley, reviews BioSquare 2004 in Basel - A Successful Get Together for Biotech in the BioValley  
Edited by
Dr Deborah O'Neil,
Chief Executive and Scientific Officer,
NovaBiotics Ltd
Published quarterly in
January, April,
July and October

News and Press Releases

YHEC announces the promotions of Michelle Jenks and Rachael McCool to the role Project Director

YHEC is pleased to announce the promotions of Michelle Jenks from the Economic Modelling team and Rachael McCool from the Systematic Reviewing team to the role Project Director. Michelle has a Masterís degree (MSc) in health economics from the University of York and has conducted economic evaluations and systematic reviews for both public and private sector clients. Michelle is the lead modeller in YHECís role as an External Assessment Centre for NICE and has also led on a range of economic evaluations conducted for clients within industry, such as cost-utility models and budget impact models. She often leads the development of early economic analyses to inform clinical trial design and pricing strategy.
More info >>

White Papers

Changing Structural Landscape for Comparator Drug Supply

ADAllen Pharma

TransCelerate Biopharma is focused on advancing innovation in R&D, identifying and solving common R&D challenges and further improving patient safety, with the goal of delivering more high quality medicines to patients. In 2013, they announced its Clinical Trial Comparator Network initiative to show a mutual commitment to offer secure and rapid supply of comparator drug products. The aim of this article is to unpack the section on 'Comparator Drugs' and analyse the rationale for attempting to achieve their objectives.
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Industry Events

Temperature Controlled Logistics 2018

29 January - 1 February 2018, Twickenham Stadium, London

Each January for the past 16 years, more than 400 senior supply chain, logistics, storage, regulation and quality experts from the pharmaceutical industry have gathered at the TCL Forum for the largest, longest running and most comprehensive cold chain and ambient logistics conference in Europe.
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