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Autumn 2002
At the cutting edge of the latest industry developments, Samedan is adept at keeping the information you need at your fingertips. EBR provides a unique platform of communication for the market across Europe, North America and the rest of the developed world. To find out what's hot in the world of of biopharmaceuticals, take a look below at the range of articles featured in this issue of EBR.
In her Editor's Letter, Dr Helen Abbott gives us a brief synopsis of the range and content of this issue  
In possibly the worst market conditions to date, Mary Clark, Managing Director of Life Sciences Consulting at Thomson Financial, offers advice on Biotech Investor Relations - Weathering the Storm  
Susan Neale and W. Neil Palmer of Palmer D'Angelo Consulting Inc, consider Pricing and Reimbursement Strategies for Biopharmaceuticals to address the exigencies of price regulation and government sponsored reimbursement schemes  
Patent expiry makes it vital to take products through to the market rapidly. Mark Wilson, Senior Development Leader of Downstream and Formulation at Xenova, suggests ways to smooth the path to market in Strategic Process Development to Complement Commercial and Regulatory Requirements  
Science and Innovation
Though often disregarded, natural products still offer an attractive route to chemical diversity. Professor Dr Hubertus Irth, Professor of Analytical Chemistry at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, and Danny van Elswijk, Manager of Bioassay Development at Kiadis, go Back to the Roots: Nature as a Source of Novel Drug Structures  
Trevor Marks, Manufacturing Business Manager, and Peter Hambleton, Director for Strategic Vaccine Development, at the Centre for Applied Microbiology and Research (CAMR), discuss how bioterrorism has raised public awareness in Anthrax Vaccine: An Old Product for a New Threat?  
Dr Jamal Temsamani, Director of Preclinical Research & Development at Synt:em, explores new ways of Delivering Drugs to the Brain - Beating the Blood Brain Barrier  
In Advances in the Treatment of Sleep Disorders, Francesca Stingele, Director of Business Development, and Werner Tschollar, Chief Executive Officer, at Neurim Pharmaceuticals, have promising news for the one in three Western adults who suffer from sleep difficulties  
Achieving proper glycosylation is vital in the production of recombinant proteins. David Zopf MD, Executive Vice President, and George Vergis PhD, Vice-President, of Neose Technologies Inc, discuss Maximising the Full Potential of Therapeutic Proteins: Benefits of Improving Glycosylation Patterns  
Legal, Regulatory and Public Policy
10 Human cloning and stem cell research are being hotly debated in the US. In To Clone or Not to Clone: Is Politics Preventing Progress?, G. Steven Burrill, CEO of Burrill & Company, asks if we will lose control of this intensely powerful technology or learn to use it to our best advantage  
Lasse Laaksonen and Ben Rapinoja, Lawyers at Borenius & Kemppinen Ltd, examine Recent Case Law from the European Court of Justice on the Repackaging of Pharmaceuticals  
Dr Helen Abbott, Senior Consultant at Technomark Consulting Services and EBR's Editor, reviews the newly launched Pan-European Mediscience Review 2002 from Deloitte & Touche  
The IBC Drug Development Technology Conferences 2002 recently took place in Stuttgart and Boston - Dr Graham Hughes, Director of Scientific Affairs at Technomark Consulting Services, reports  
Professor Norman Paton, Department of Computer Science at the University of Manchester, discusses the use of Grid computing techniques to provide integrated access to large and diverse data collections in Bioinformatic Information Management and the Grid  
In Bioinformatics in the Post-Genomic Era - Tools for Mining the Proteome, James Campbell, Research Bioinformatician at Proteome Sciences plc, reviews new bioinformatic methods of analysing 2-D gel images, proteins and genomic sequence data  
Ben Goodger, Head of the Asia Commercial Intellectual Property Group at Rouse & Co, Shanghai, looks at the factors which signal growth in China's prescription-free drug sector in Over the Counter and Through the Woods: China's OTC Market in Transition  
In conversation with Dr Erik Tambuyzer, Vice President, Corporate Affairs Europe of the Genzyme Corporation, we explore some of the opportunities and challenges facing US-headquartered biotechnology companies in Biotech in Europe - A Genzyme Perspective  
With R&D investment shifting towards the US, Dr Peter Farrow, Senior Director of Global Science Policy at Pfizer's European Research and Development Headquarters, is concerned about the future of European Research and Development  
In A $500 Million Question, Christopher Thornham, a Solicitor specialising in intellectual property law with Taylor Wessing, discusses the legal dispute between Genentech and City of Hope, and raises points for consideration when drafting research agreements  
A product's market exclusivity can sometimes be extended beyond the expiry of its patent. Dr Armin Bohmann, Founder and Partner of Bohmann & Loosen, and Dr Ulrich Gerth, Vice President of Equity Corporate Finance at Hypovereinsbank Corporates & Markets, explain how in Supplementary Protection Certificate - A Patent's Second Life  
Dr Faiz Kermani, Budgets, Proposals and Marketing Executive at Chiltern International Ltd, warns that high growth rates for the industry cannot be taken for granted in The Future of Biopharmaceutical R&D  
In The Predictive Value of Gene Expression Microarrays in Toxicogenomics, Hans Gmьnder, Scientific Consultant, and Andreas Hohn, Director for Business Development and Marketing, at GeneData AG, discuss methods of generating a toxicogenomics knowledge base for the evaluation of novel compounds  
Gert Bos, Ruud Verrijk and Daan Crommelin of OctoPlus BV, and Wim Hennink of the Utrecht Institute for Pharmaceutical Sciences, Utrecht University, introduce the Controlled Release of Pharmaceutical Proteins from Hydrogels and discuss its benefits for the therapeutic potential of many pharmaceutical proteins  
Though of crucial importance in reconstructive surgery, tissues and cell therapies can give rise to infectious diseases through contamination. Gail Sofer, Director of Regulatory Services at BioReliance, examines Tissue and Cell Therapies: Ensuring Product Safety  
It is not adequate to scale-up low capacity assays for the high throughput market - hardware, software and liquid chemistries must all be reinvented. Derek McCall, Managing Director at Promega UK, explains why assays need to be Tailored to Meet the Needs of High Throughput Screening  

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