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The Impact of GDPR for Health Organisations

Privacy concerns have been growing exponentially due to the large amount of information and personal data being stored digitally today. As healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology companies move towards greater digitisation and store more and more sensitive or regulated data, the risk of cyber security incidents and information leaks increases.

The information can be anywhere, in file servers in the company, user’s computers, mobile devices, internal databases, cloud applications, etc. The productive environment of this industry is becoming connected and automated. This connectivity makes them more susceptible to attacks, and increases the need to secure more points within the lifecycle of information related to patient data.

Patient Data: Especially Valuable and Sensitive

This sector is one where the level of sensitivity of the data is higher. Not all personal data are similar, and although we can change our email address, we cannot change our medical history if it has been stolen or mishandled.

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About the author

Luis Ángel del Valle is CEO at SealPath and a Telecommunications Engineer from the University of the Basque Country, Spain, with more than 20 years of experience in the area of cybersecurity and communications software. He founded SealPath, a leading company in the protection and control of confidential information, to provide companies with data-centric information protection solutions that allow them to keep their sensitive data under control wherever they are, in an environment where data are increasingly mobile and the security perimeter of companies has become blurred.
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