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Turning Over the Right Stones: Rethinking the Recruitment Process

From poorly designed protocols and insufficient staff to cumbersome technology and delays in study startup processes, clinical research sites face a constellation of challenges in getting a trial on its feet. Failing to launch on time leads to costly delays, or worse.

It takes, on average, more than 31 weeks from site identification to study start-up completion (1). Roughly 30-40% of sponsors and CROs report being somewhat or completely unsatisfied with their site initiation processes (2). Given these statistics, maybe itís time to change the way the industry approaches study start-up, beginning with a careful review of recruitment and enrolment.

Expanding Your Reach by Narrowing Your Focus

Paid media campaigns for patient identification are wide-reaching, convenient to implement, and, in the right situation, integral to achieving enrolment. Itís not an overstatement to say this approach is the industry standard for identifying volunteers. However, failure to enrol enough subjects in a trial is a long-standing problem; one need only look at the literature over the past decade or two. Itís news to no one. So, whatís the problem?

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About the author

Tyler Bye is a career clinical research professional with over 12 yearsí experience with sites, sponsors, and vendors alike. As the Associate Director of Program Management at WCG ThreeWire, Tyler specialises in the development and implementation of clinical research site optimisation services across pharma, biotech, and medical device industries. Before joining WCG ThreeWire, Tyler was a sponsor representative who managed clinical trials. He also spent countless hours working with patients at a prominent clinical research site.
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