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A Digital Approach to Enrolment

ICT: What is the current market need for greater patient recruitment strategies?

Barbara and Nathalie: Recruitment of patients and healthy volunteers for clinical trials is a well-known bottleneck. The success and timelines for attracting and enrolling patients have a direct impact on the time it takes to get a drug or medical device to the market. Delays result in higher operating costs, losses in sales, and many other drawbacks. In recent years, there has been increasing demand for specialised patient recruitment services in Europe. Approaches that apply for US-based clinical trials cannot be copied Ďas isí for clinical trials in Europe.

In Europe, it is challenging to navigate through the complex regulatory landscape. There are few or no rules and only minimal guidelines with respect to patient recruitment strategies. Additionally, substantial cultural differences across countries require country-specific recruitment approaches and a high degree of customisation.

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About the authors

Barbara Díhaene brings to the company over 10 years of experience in innovation management. In 2015, she was one of the founders of the patient management company Akcelis, which was acquired by Pivotal early 2020. Together with Nathalie Niclaus, she developed innovative patient-centric solutions.

As Co-Founder of Akcelis, Nathalie Niclaus designed and implemented practical solutions to overcome some of the hurdles in clinical trials. She combined all her experience and knowledge of clinical trials to develop innovative solutions and strategies for successful clinical trial patient recruitment and retention.
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