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Unlocking the Potential of CAR T Therapy

The treatment landscape for haematology is a constantly evolving one. Tremendous advances have been made in recent decades, which have provided us with innovative ways to tackle haematological malignancies. Though the progress we’ve seen has been inspiring, we are still coming up against limits. When current treatments are not, or are no longer, effective, or when patients are unable to tolerate them, alternative treatment approaches are needed (1-3).

Targeted, personalised medicines are a frontier in this endeavour, offering the potential to allow us to move away from the traditional ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to cancer research and development, and instead focus on finding the right treatment for the right patient at the right time. Within this category, CAR T therapy is an area that offers real promise – but in order to fulfil its therapeutic potential, the pharmaceutical industry, and health systems more broadly, must overcome challenges in how this treatment is delivered to patients, and the infrastructure and logistics required for doing this effectively.

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Mircea Cubillos is the Regional Commercial Strategy Leader, Haematology EMEA for Janssen. Mircea has been with the wider Johnson & Johnson organisation since 2001, and possesses cross-sector business acumen, a strong customer focus, passion for talent development and diversity, equality, and inclusion, and resilience in managing challenging market conditions. During a career that has spanned countries including Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, and the US, Mircea launched a new go-to-market strategy for Colombia, Puerto Rico, and Central America to better meet current and future customer needs, and he now drives the growth of Janssen's haematology work in the EMEA region.
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