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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Packing Sourcer (PMPS) is a specialist journal designed to provide worldwide coverage of a range of topics relating to the pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging sector.

Published quarterly, the journal functions as a platform of communication and information-sharing for executive and strategic decision-makers within the industry, identifying new trends and marketing opportunities as well as highlighting the latest innovations in this dynamic environment. PMPS is specifically designed to interest those in the pharmaceutical, biotech, nutritional and medical device industries who are actively seeking to source services for improved efficiency in what is an increasingly competitive market.


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Featured in this issue
The End of the Line
End of the Line

Wait and See

Outlining the implications of a possible UK ‘Brexit’ from the EU for pharma, Robert Harris wonders what might happen to the relationship between the EMA and the MHRA, as well as other healthcare bodies.
Device Studies

Responsive Performance

It can be both difficult and expensive for researchers to manage medical device clinical trials. However, Grant Dietrich at Cenduit explains that with the right interactive response technology, it could be made cheaper and more efficient.
Pharma Air Freight

Better Together

Can pharma companies do more to enhance the supply chain? Pelican BioThermal’s Ira Smith believes that greater collaboration between shippers and 3PLs – and, ultimately, formation of a global regulatory standardisation – is key to success.

Edited by
Robert Harris
Chief Technical Officer at Juniper Pharma Services
Published quarterly in
February, May,
August and November


Industry Events

Pharmaceutical Traceability Forum

23-25 May 2016, Philadelphia, PA – Downtown Sheraton

The #1 industry resource for compliance with domestic and international pharmaceutical traceability regulations and guidelines. With the global drug counterfeiting trade on the rise and regulatory deadlines fast approaching, the pharmaceutical supply chain finds itself at a critical point.
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News and Press Releases

DB support pharma with anti-counterfeit solutions

According to Reuters counterfeit drugs have become a $200-billion-a-year global industry, which despite ongoing crackdowns by the authorities is a growing problem.
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White Papers

Working Towards a Standardised Identification Solution

PCI Pharma Services

The security of the pharmaceutical supply chain is an issue of growing concern, with recent reports addressing its vulnerability to counterfeiting. The complexity of the European supply chain is one of the key factors of this counterfeiting pandemic, with millions of medicine packs being moved around the EU, annually. Aside from this, fragmentation has resulted in decreased transparency in the supply chain and increased difficulties to track and trace medicines, leading to significant threat from counterfeiting. As a key source of income for the European economy, it is essential that the supply chain remains safe and free of counterfeits. A significant stumbling block within the industry remains to be the lack of a unified, single‐source pan‐European or indeed global database where scanned bar codes on drug packaging can be verified at point of dispense. At some point in the future the pharmaceutical industry, regulatory bodies, clinicians and retailers will need to join forces to overcome this.
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