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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Packing Sourcer


Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Packing Sourcer (PMPS) is a specialist journal designed to provide worldwide coverage of a range of topics relating to the pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging sector.

Published quarterly, the journal functions as a platform of communication and information-sharing for executive and strategic decision-makers within the industry, identifying new trends and marketing opportunities as well as highlighting the latest innovations in this dynamic environment. PMPS is specifically designed to interest those in the pharmaceutical, biotech, nutritional and medical device industries who are actively seeking to source services for improved efficiency in what is an increasingly competitive market.


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Featured in this issue
Compressed Air

Pure and Simple

Sometimes referred to as the fourth utility, compressed air plays a vital part in manufacturing operations. But it is vulnerable to contamination, and this can come from many different sources. David Whelan at IMI Precision Engineering offers his thoughts on today’s purification technologies.
Cool Chain, Cargo & Logistics
Roundtable: Cool Chain Integration

All Together Now

Cool chain logistics is a complex but crucial part of the pharma industry. At a roundtable discussion held last year by the Cool Chain Association – attended by a number of its board members and other interested parties – supply chain integration was the main talking point.
Second-User Equipment

Every Penny Counts

Once the remit of cash-strapped start-ups, purchasing of second-user equipment is now on the rise – even among global, multi-facility pharma giants. EquipNet’s Ben Potenza shares his golden rules for companies considering this route.

Edited by
Dr Graham Hughes
Consultant in
Published quarterly in
February, May,
August and October
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Industry Events

Managing Risk, Complexity and Compliance

10-12 June 2015, Warsaw, Poland

Clinical trial management continues to face challenges in achieving the timelines and quality standards needed to meet ever-increasing regulatory and commercial requirements. To help PCMG members prepare and overcome these challenges, its 2015 conference will focus on three topics: risk, complexity, and compliance in clinical outsourcing.
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News and Press Releases

Adents Demonstrates Commitment To North American Market With Two New Subsidiaries

Adents, the leading provider of robust and easily deployable software solutions for serialization in the life sciences industry, has announced the opening of its second subsidiary in the North American market.
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White Papers

Time lapse photography to demonstrate the potential antimicrobial abilities of Dycem contamination control flooring


A defined volume of bioluminescent reporter bacteria was deposited onto 20 mm x 20 mm coupons of Dycem flooring, vinyl tile and ITW Alma tacky mat. Through monitoring of bacterial bioluminescence, metabolic inhibition was observed on all three surfaces however the effect occurred more rapidly on Dycem flooring than on vinyl or ITW Alma. Recovery counts after three hours of exposure to the floor surfaces showed between a 65% and 100% decrease in the number of viable organisms recovered from Dycem flooring compared to controls. On vinyl and ITW Alma flooring, there were slight increases in the number of viable survivors recovered compared to controls. Dycem flooring inhibited the metabolic activity and reduced the number of viable survivors recovered of Salmonella enterica Serovar Typhimurium DT104 pGLITE. It remains unclear as to whether this effect is attributable to the impregnated biocide or rapid drying of the inoculum on this surface.
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