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Taking Our Breath Away

Asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD) are chronic lung disorders responsible for millions of deaths every year. Both diseases are characterised by variable and recurring symptoms and, when poorly controlled, can result in severe limitations in a patient’s quality of life. Therefore, controlling and monitoring treatments is not only important to reduce healthcare costs related to hospitalisations, but are also a real patient need. Patient expect a reliable system to support their correct and on-time use of inhalers, without changing the ways of using them or adding any steps to their routine: intuitive and non-destructive, without much additional weight or form factor to carry in their daily lives.

The majority of marketed metered dose inhalers (MDIs) offer no practical way for patients or doctors to know how many doses are left in their inhaler, specifically in case of an emergency. Furthermore, there is a collective requirement to track adherence or compliance to medication. To address these requirements, the FDA published guidance on integrating dose-counting mechanisms into MDI drug products. Under this guidance, devices should offer either clear numeric counting mechanisms or indication functions with colour coding or other means, leading to clear and unmistakable information to patients on drugs left in their devices. The guidance also encourages drug manufacturers to update existing devices.

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H&T Presspart offers pharma customers high-precision injection moulded plastic components and deep drawn metal cans for respiratory drug delivery systems, with more than 40 years’ experience and a worldwide reputation for competence, quality, and innovation in pharma and industrial sectors. H&T Presspart's Inhalation Product Technology Centre supports new product developments and strategic initiatives with its customers. Founded in 1970 and acquired by the Heitkamp and Thumann group in 2002, H&T Presspart has three European manufacturing sites in Germany, Spain, and the UK, with sales offices in China, India, South America, and the US.
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