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Spotlight - DuPont - Dosage Forms and Release Technologies

PMPS: METHOCEL™ DC2 HPMC offers fewer production steps and less waste, how can this, and similar new technologies, help the industry from drug creation to delivery?

Rina Chokshi: The main advantages of METHOCEL™ DC2 HPMC are its ease of use and simplified application during direct compression manufacturing (1). It improves content uniformity of the final dosage form, resulting in lower cost of production and more consistent product performance for patients.

METHOCEL™ DC2 HPMC also has implications for those wishing to adopt continuous manufacturing. Its improved flow properties are essential to maintaining performance and high throughput. METHOCEL™ DC2 HPMC’s particle morphology is specifically designed to offer better flow, as the particles are less fibrous, more spherical, and homogenous in shape and physical properties. Because of this, manufacturers can avoid more expensive and complex granulation processes.

Our Alubra® sodium stearyl fumarate boasts benefits for continuous manufacturing, too (2). It helps manufacturers achieve desired tablet hardness, while avoiding over-lubrication since it can be integrated earlier in the process than alternative products, thus circumventing lubrication issues.

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Rina Chokshi, Global Commercial Manager at DuPont Pharma Solutions
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