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Alternative Propellants: A Roadmap of Green pMDI Development and Manufacture

The urgent threat of climate change is the age-defining issue of our generation, and we are reaching a pivotal moment for our industry. The inhalation industry is committed to reducing their carbon footprint and establishing processes that are more sustainable. A global commitment to establishing a greener future must happen now; the industry’s proactive approach will address the major environmental concerns of pMDI manufacture – the carbon footprint of the propellant.

The adverse effects of greenhouse gases on our climate are well documented. This is not a new revelation, rather, this industry has gone through a similar issue before. The issue being adapting the way we formulate MDIs to develop more sustainable products, while maintaining safety and functionality.

HFO-1234ze and HFA-152a have been highlighted as potential replacements of HFA-134a and HFA-227ea. It is critical that formulation studies are performed to understand the propellant performance with inhalation APIs, particularly reliver medications.

Learn more about the proposed propellants and drivers for change from our editorial: www.pharmaservenorthwest.

As a producer of life-saving medication, Pharmaserve North West (PSNW) has committed to future-proofing our facilities, products, and processes. The issues and challenges posed by the investment into two prospective greener propellants have been addressed as a matter of urgency.

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