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Pharma Distribution: The Case for Customised Thermal Packaging

Is a Custom-Made Thermal Packaging Solution for Shipping Pharmaceutical Products More Expensive Than a Pre-Qualified Approach?

When temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals and vaccines are shipped around the world, they need a packaging system that will ensure a stable temperature is maintained, irrespective of transit time or ambient temperature. When the challenges of the distribution are known or easily controlled, then, in many cases, a pre-qualified thermal packaging solution will be suitable.

Topa Thermal, for example, has one of the largest qualified ranges available. We have over 250 °Connex Geo solutions, giving wide choice and flexibility when meeting a particular need. However, we know that for a more complex or challenging distribution, a custom approach might be required.

But, opting for a custom-made solution doesn’t mean it has to be costly. Through our °Connex You solution process, we look at the entire distribution from first to last mile, so that everything is completely streamlined and fully integrated with your logistics strategy.

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Topa Thermal is a full-service supplier of distribution systems for temperature-sensitive biopharmaceutical products. Part of the Topa Group, with a 100-year packaging legacy, the company provides thermal packaging solutions to the pharma industry to aid safe, reliable access to medicines, vaccines, and related healthcare products, worldwide.

Their °Connex modular thermal packaging line offers pre-qualified and customised solutions, along with interchangeable parts, to support any thermal distribution need.

Read more about °Connex customised and pre-qualified solutions, and component supply, at

Topa Thermal BV
Torenlaan 10
2215 RW Voorhout
The Netherlands

+31 252 245 200
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