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Digitalisation in Biotech R&D – How to Overcome Challenges in Manufacturing

A large spectrum of industries are impacted by digital transformation, being a source of significant evolutions, new business opportunities, and competitive advantages for organisations that are able to adapt.

The life science industry has not escaped this trend. Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies show a growing interest in applying digital technologies to enhance manufacturing and supply chain operations as challenges, complexity, and fierce competition become a norm in the industry. This was particularly highlighted by the recent COVID-19 vaccine developments that have illustrated the importance of digital and analytical solutions to reduce clinical development timelines.

What improvements can be seen by digitalising biotech R&D and how does it benefit companies, patients, and society at large?

For multiple years, there has been a willingness to reduce clinical development timelines. One positive aspect of the reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic is definitely the proven ability to bring new medicines to market in a much faster way than traditionally. Obviously, the conditions were quite specific then – vaccines trials are unique and budgets were not always weighing in the equation, the full focus being on speed.

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Sébastien Coppe has a Master of Engineering in Applied Mathematics. He obtained his PhD by creating a pre-diagnostic tool for patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and other kinds of dementia, by designing mathematical modelling of the patients’ brain behaviour. Sébastien has been leading the N-SIDE life science activities for eight years, providing optimisation services to more than 50 pharmaceutical companies. He has been supporting them in their change management journey towards digitalisation and in implementing and benefitting from using an advanced analytics communication platform. He is passionate about increasing pharma R&D efficiency through artificial intelligence, waste reduction, end-to-end clinical supply chain optimisation, and proactive risk assessment for patients.

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