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When space is tight

Atlantic Zeiser

• Existing packaging lines can be retrofitted for serialization tasks, achieving a maximum of space savings and process reliability: if required, the system comes with an integrated checkweigher and tamper-evident labeler.

The obligation to serialize pharmaceuticals is affecting more and more markets. But the specific requirements regarding products, target markets and existing production environments differ widely, leading to many different approaches. The key question is: where in the production process is it most sensible to perform serialization? There are many options, ranging from the application of serialization codes during the printing of offset sheets to the serialization of filled folding cartons in external dispatch warehouses. In many cases, the most pragmatic solution may be to serialize near the packaging lines. However, structural conditions are sometimes the limiting factor when it comes to retrofitting existing packaging lines: whole existing plants often cannot be extended as needed, since production space is valuable and limited.

A leading supplier of sophisticated serialization and track and trace solutions, Atlantic Zeiser has developed the ultra-compact MEDILINE T&T, a track and trace system that can fulfill the requirements for serialization, application of tamper-evident labels, and control weighing in a single, workflow-optimized step. It requires very little space, since the system comes with an integrated checkweigher and tamper-evident labeler if needed. The integrated interface to the MEDTRACKER software enables the process-reliable serialization of filled folding cartons.

New quick-change device
In addition to a very compact design, there was a special focus on flexibility during development so that the user could switch quickly to different formats or coding requirements. For example, the new quick-change device allows for the position of the camera and printer unit to be changed without tools or other components in a few steps that take only minutes. The extremely precise transport mechanism also ensures efficiency and safety: even at extremely high throughputs – up to 400 packages per minute – high-quality, reproducible coding results can be achieved. If required, the monitoring camera and sensors ensure reliable ejection into a reject bin that can be emptied during operation. Another labeling unit, such as one for vignette or Bollini labels, can be integrated, as well as other printing heads and cameras, for affixing helper codes, for instance. Further options include a checkweigher and a tamper-evident labeler.

One-stop integrated solutions for serialization, track and trace, and late-stage printing
The Pharmaceutical and Packaging Solutions division of Atlantic Zeiser ranks among the leading suppliers of sophisticated individualization, serialization, and track and trace solutions that efficiently and seamlessly monitor products, securely verify authenticity, and reliably protect against counterfeiters. Innovative drop-on-demand inkjet-technology results in superior print quality on primary and secondary packaging materials and also excels in the area of late-stage customizing.

Especially for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors, Atlantic Zeiser develops tailored systems to facilitate reliable, flexible, cost-efficient and fast application of unique security features to individual products. Atlantic Zeiser’s serialization and track & trace systems bring together the latest machine and printing technologies with intelligent and fully compatible software architecture. The company addresses the particular needs of the pharmaceuticals industry with its MEDTRACKER serialization software and offers BRANDTRACKER to support the sophisticated brand protection endeavours of the cosmetics segment.

Atlantic Zeiser’s other division is Security Printing Systems, which supplies not only systems for personalizing ID cards, banking and credit cards, and gift and other customer loyalty cards, but also solutions for numbering banknotes in any currency and serializing passports.

Atlantic Zeiser has its head office in Emmingen in the German state of Baden-Württemberg and oversees nine facilities worldwide and sales and service partners in around 50 countries.

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Existing packaging lines can be retrofitted for serialization tasks, achieving a maximum of space savings and process reliability: if required, Atlantic Zeiser’s new MEDILINE T&T track and trace system comes with an integrated checkweigher and tamper-evident labeler.
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