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Applikon Biotechnology collaborates with Emerson for new Life Sciences R&D solution: V-Control

Applikon Biotechnology has launched V-Control for R&D scale bioreactors, a sophisticated automation solution developed in collaboration with Emerson. It uses a scaled version of Emerson’s DeltaV distributed control system (DCS), DeltaV Discovery, designed for research and discovery laboratories. V-Control enables easy process control and data up-scaling in one platform. Furthermore, it provides organizations that already use the DeltaV DCS at production scale with reliable automation scaled to fit the needs of the laboratory environment, making tech transfer easier.

This turnkey solution can be customized to any specific scenario, delivering a user-friendly interface, minimized scale-up risks with easy technology and data transfer and reduced time-to-market and development costs.

Synergistic combination

“V-Control is the product of a successful collaboration between two major players in the laboratory bioreactor automation market, combining strengths synergistically to provide a highly effective solution for process control and data management, from discovery to production”, stated Erik Kakes, International Sales & Marketing Director at Applikon Biotechnology.

V-Control combines the best of Emerson’s DeltaV DCS with Applikon’s bioprocessing know-how in an open-architecture software that can easily be configured and is compatible with customized libraries.

Seamless technology transfer

V-Control’s seamless technology transfer and scalable data transfer result in optimal bioprocesses with shorter lead times and lower development costs. It offers users a clear set of quantifiable benefits:
• Improved user experience with advanced automation tools
• Minimized scale-up risks with easy technology and data transfer
• Reduced time-to-market and development costs
• Easy tech and data transfer
• Reduced costs and risks

Advanced bioreactor automation

V-Control for R&D also incorporates the following features:
• Native open-architecture DeltaV DCS software with tailor-made bioprocessing functions
• User-friendly operator user interface
• Small benchtop footprint to connect up to 32 bioreactor systems per V-Control network
• Advanced bioreactor automation tools, including: sensor calibration routines, actuator calibration routines, total gas flow, three-point cascade, cultivation mode and bioreactor overviews

Scalable bioreactor applications

V-Control for R&D is a turnkey solution for the user who wants to minimize startup time and work within an optimized DeltaV environment for laboratory bioreactor systems. It is supplied completely configured and tested. No programming is needed and all hardware and software is pre-configured and ready to go.

V-Control is flexible to meet a wide range of potential demands, being completely configurable to specific user situation and requirements. The open architecture means this solution can easily be integrated into existing DeltaV networks, allowing easy connection of up to 32 bioreactor systems to form a V-Control network to optimize the total bioprocess. V-Control can be used with DeltaV Batch and Configuration Audit Trail.

V-Control for R&D is designed to handle bioprocess volumes of up to 50 liters and products not intended for human consumption. For volumes above 50 L (or commercial production), different Applikon and Emerson applications are available.

About Applikon Biotechnology

Netherlands-based Applikon Biotechnology B.V. (Applikon) is a manufacturer that specializes in upstream bioprocess equipment for the life sciences industries. Its mission is to provide reliable solutions for the bioprocess market to enable improved quality of life.

Applikon's core business is in the development and supply of advanced bioreactor systems from laboratory scale, to pilot, to production scale, partnering with customers to implement scalable platforms from initial screening through development and full-scale production for a global client base that includes pharma and biotech companies, food industry, CROs, CMOs, governmental and academic organizations.

Applikon designs, develops and assembles bioreactor systems, with all design and manufacturing conducted in-house. The Applikon portfolio covers key product and service areas including bioreactor cultivation systems, BioBundle turnkey systems, the unique BioSep Acoustic Perfusion System cellretention device, process control systems to automate bioprocesses and a range of proprietary AppliSens sensors, and automation (monitoring and data management) solutions.

Apart from its standard cultivation and turnkey systems, Applikon also offers Special Projects: custom solutions aimed at helping clients fulfil strategic needs such as long-term development, capability expansion and upscaling.

Applikon is headquartered at Delft in The Netherlands with subsidiaries in the UK, New Jersey and California, USA and a distributor network covering more than 35 countries.

About Emerson

Emerson, headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri (USA), is a global technology and engineering company providing innovative solutions for customers in industrial, commercial, and residential markets. Our Emerson Automation Solutions business helps process, hybrid, and discrete manufacturers maximize production, protect personnel and the environment while optimizing their energy and operating costs. Our Emerson Commercial and Residential Solutions business helps ensure human comfort and health, protect food quality and safety, advance energy efficiency, and create sustainable infrastructure. For more information visit
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