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Pharmapack Europe 2020 Award Winners Announced


Innovations across primary & secondary packaging, drug delivery devices, and machinery acknowledged in Exhibitor Innovations, with Health Product Awards for patient-centricity and eco-design

Exhibitor Innovations
1. Best Innovation in Drug Delivery Device (injectable): The Connect™ Auto-Sensing Injection System by Credence MedSystems
2. Best Innovation in Drug Delivery Device (respiratory): Safe'n'Spray™ by NEMERA
3. Best Innovation in Primary Packaging (solid dosage): Push Tab® loop by Huhtamaki Flexible Packaging
4. Best Innovation in Primary Packaging (liquid dosage): Pourer “Lotus” by PACKSYS GmbH
5. Best Innovation in Secondary Packaging: Patient Support App by Rondo
6. Best Innovation in Machinery: Quantifeel Quality Assurance Platform by Smart Skin Technologies

Health Products
1. Patient-Centric Design Award: G’DoCon® - Granule Dosing Concept for Creon® SD by Abbott Healthcare Pvt Limited
2. Eco-Design Award: Respimat® re-usable inhaler by Boehringer Ingelheim

Paris, 6th February 2020:Pharmapack Europe (#PharmapackEU), announces the winners of the 2020 Pharmapack Awards. Due to the outstanding quality of entries, eight worthy winners were chosen across two categories: ‘Exhibitor Innovations’ and ‘Health Products’.

The Exhibitor Innovations category saw a total of six winners selected across four pharma categories, highlighting how remarkable the last year has been for innovation in pharma. Credence MedSystems and NEMERA received well-deserved recognition in the ‘Best Innovation in Drug Delivery Device’ class. Huhtamaki Flexible Packaging Germany GmbH & PACKSYS GmbH were awarded as winners for ‘Best Innovation in Primary Packaging’. Whilst Rondo and Smart Skin Technologies received awards for ‘Best Innovation in Secondary Packaging’ and ‘Best Innovation in Machinery’ respectively.

In the Health Product category, there was one winner each in two different product classes. Abbott Healthcare Pvt Limited won the ‘Patient-centric Design’ award, delivered in partnership with HCPC, whilst Boehringer Ingelheim ran out worthy winners of the ‘Eco-design’ Award, delivered in partnership with Adelphe and HPRC.

Credence MedSystems, one of two winners in the ‘Best Innovation in Drug Delivery Device’, was chosen for its Connect™ Auto-Sensing Injection System, which incorporates real-time monitoring of critical injection data into a reusable ergonomic grip. The Credence app also measures and transmits injection progress in real-time, as well as providing users with reminders and instructions on how to use the auto-injector. NEMERA also received a ‘Best Innovation in Drug Delivery Device’ award for their respiratory device ‘Safe'n'Spray™’ – an integrated device with a reusable electronic locking unit and fingerprint identification – which is used to monitor drug delivery and prevent overdosing.

There were two winners in the ‘Best Innovation in Primary Packaging’ covering solid and liquid dosage forms. Huhtamaki Flexible Packaging Germany GmbH & Co.KG won the award for solid dosage thanks to their Push Tab® packaging – an innovative child-safe alternative for opening strip packaging. The material used makes it easy to remove tabs by simply applying pressure without impacting barrier properties. The material is PVC free and cost effective, as well as suitable for use in all climate types. PACKSYS GmbH received the liquid dosage award for their “Lotus” pourer innovation: a one-piece, tamper-evident system with flip-top closure to help prevent spillages.

Rondo was selected as the winner of the ‘Best Innovation in Secondary Packaging’ for their Patient Support App. By combining radio chips with Near Field Communication Technology, the app delivers vital information between the consumer, physician, and manufacturer. This helps to better resolve patient needs and boost adherence. Smart Skin Technologies was bestowed with the ‘Best Innovation in Machinery’ award for their Quantifeel Quality Assurance Platform. The technology monitors any forces or impacts on packaging lines through the use of a replica sensor, which allows operators to then identify and fix areas that are causing damage.

In the Health Product category, the Granule Dosing Concept (G’DoCon®) for Creon® SD by Abbott Healthcare Pvt Limited was awarded the ‘Patient-Centric Design Award’. The Creon® SD acts as a smart dosing device that simplifies accurate dosing of Creon®, whilst the G’DoCon® improves dosing flexibility and reduces product exposure to the environment, improving compliance and adherence.

The Respimat® re-usable inhaler by Boehringer Ingelheim was awarded as the winner of the ‘Eco-design’ award. The inhaler can be used with up to six cartridge refills. Crucially, this helps reduces plastic waste and CO2 emissions by up to 73% and 71% respectively compared to conventional inhalers.

Silvia Forroova, Brand Director at Pharmapack Europe, commented, “I must first congratulate the eight winners at this year’s Pharmapack Awards, who are continuing to transform the industry landscape through the development of novel concepts that resolve significant challenges. I would also like to thank Adelphe, HCPC Europe, and HPRC for partnering with us and helping deliver an awards platform that is now widely lauded as a beacon of innovation. The sector is in the midst of a dynamic period, but what is most impressive is that the benefits of innovation are now often passed on to our most important stakeholders – the patients. I once again offer my thanks and admiration to our winners who are helping push the industry forward to new heights.”
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