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Isentra Launches to Help World Cool with CO2


A leading refrigeration consultant has launched a new company aimed at helping the world adopt CO2 refrigeration as a more environmentally sustainable alternative to standard contemporary refrigerants.

In the refrigeration industry since 1999 working as a refrigeration consultant for clients including Home Bargains, Brakes and Booths Supermarkets, Daniel Clark developed a passion for CO2 as a refrigerant in the mid-noughties. He was an early adopter of the technology, turning it to use for a wide range of his refrigeration consultancy clients.

He has spoken on the subject at a number of key refrigeration events, including the Consumer Goods Forum Refrigeration Summit.

A passionate believer in CO2 as the future of refrigeration, he has now launched Isentra, which manufactures CO2 refrigeration and heat pump plant machinery for the commercial and industrial sectors.

He says: “CO2 refrigeration is rapidly becoming the leading cooling technology across a variety of applications in a wide number of sectors.

“CO2 systems deliver exceptional cooling performance at low cost, while also being very attractive from a sustainability perspective with an ultra-low global warming potential.

“With the F-Gas regulations pushing businesses towards minimising their environmental impact, CO2 refrigeration is a future proof refrigeration solution that will not be phased out, nor is it subject to costly management schemes or taxation.

“The Isentra team has been working with CO2 as a refrigerant for well over ten years now. We recognised in 2006 that a massive change in the refrigeration industry was about to happen and committed to specialising in this excellent natural refrigerant technology, to support tomorrow’s customer needs.

“Our team cut their CO2 teeth working with blue chip food retailers, which were the early adopters of this highly efficient and clean cooling technology. Europe’s food retail sector was the key driver of CO2 technology development, which is now a mature solution following a very steep research and development phase that was required to combat the challenges of F-Gas legislation.

“We have developed a product range with cutting edge technology that delivers now for the future demands of the reduced emission global agenda. Over the years, we realised that a real step-change would be required to bring the multiple benefits of this now mature and clean technology into the mainstream in further sectors.

“We also understand that today’s customer needs more than just refrigeration machinery, they need to know how it’s performing and how much energy it’s consuming. We’ve made this possible, bringing refrigeration plant machinery into the 21st century and connecting it to the internet for a whole new dimension in refrigeration performance, food safety and reporting.

“Basically, we’re on a mission to fill the need for better refrigeration - refrigeration that frees customers from the risk of ever-changing legislation, that is energy efficient, sustainable and – that is future proof.”


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For further information about Isentra, please visit
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email 206A Black Bull Lane, Fulwood, Preston, Lancashire, PR2 9XY
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