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Pharmaceutical companies go temporary to overcome pandemic challenges


Temporary equipment can help pharmaceutical companies amid the COVID-19 pandemic

Fast-tracking clinical trials, optimising energy intensive processes and improving yield are three ways in which temporary equipment is helping pharmaceutical companies amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

As well as it having a catastrophic effect on the global economy, COVID-19 has mounted pressure on critical industries, such as pharmaceutical, to respond quickly while diversifying their operations.

“Managers from all types of pharmaceutical companies urgently require new ways to make processes more efficient, so they can achieve more in less time,” explains Brian Gray, Pharmaceutical Sector Manager at Aggreko Northern Europe.

The need to get clinical trials up and running quickly has been exacerbated by the pandemic. However, responsibility for these research projects often falling to start-up companies with restricted budgets, meaning obtaining the latest equipment is challenging.

“We are seeing more companies turn to strategic hire projects at this time as they just simply do not have the existing infrastructure in place to conduct the required level of trials,” says Brian. “At the same time, they are having to keep up with existing demand and navigate supply shortages.”

In terms of getting new medicines into production, ageing facilities are also hampering progress. The fast-changing nature of the industry also means equipment demand can change every day.

Brian continues: “We know UK manufacturing struggles as a whole with ageing equipment, but in a sector that progresses at such pace there needs to be a more adaptable solution. The pandemic has simply compounded that issue.”

Aggreko is working with processing industries such as pharmaceutical, petrochemical and food & beverage to help assess their current processes and identify new ways in which companies can do more with less.

“We have access to the latest technology in power generation, temperature control and decentralised energy, which can help solve many of the problems industry are facing,” Brian concludes. “The main attraction is that there is no capex required and it also negates the need for additional skills on site. Many businesses are already realising the benefits, so we’re glad we can help.”

For more information on how to improve efficiency in the pharmaceutical industry following the COVID-19 pandemic and Aggreko’s latest ‘Hire Efficiency Expectations’ campaign, visit:
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email Aggreko Sutton, Kimpton Industrial Estate, 14 Sandiford Rd, Sutton, SM3 9RD
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