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Weiss Technik UK Ltd provides secure cold storage of Coronavirus vaccine

Weiss Technik

Loughborough, 23rd November 2020 - The UK government has secured 40 million doses of the new Pfizer/BioNTECH vaccine. Once available, the vaccine doses will have to be transported and stored at -70 °C. This requires an uninterrupted cold chain. As a long-standing partner of the pharmaceutical industry and specialist for extreme temperatures, Weiss Technik UK Ltd offers suitable storage solutions for this.

Generating and maintaining deep freeze safely

Weiss Technik is the market leader in environmental simulation, with many years of experience with extreme temperatures. The company’s test cabinets and chambers generate and maintain temperatures of -70°C extremely evenly and reliably. They work energy-efficiently, thanks to the environmentally friendly refrigerant R469A, which was specially developed by Weiss Technik.

Large containers and compact cabinets

Vaccine logistics require different cooling capacities at different stages of the supply chain. Many of Weiss Technik’s climatic and temperature test cabinets quickly and safely reach -70°C. This makes them suitable for the temporary storage of smaller vaccine quantities in vaccination centres, hospitals or doctors' surgeries, and for short-term capacity bottlenecks. Large batches at airports and distribution centres require walk-in or drive-in temperature chambers. Weiss Technik offers containers that are quickly ready for operation, including lock systems to prevent icing, fail-safe refrigeration circuits and access controls.

Consistent documentation

In order to document the tamper-proof compliance with the cold chain, Weiss Technik uses its proven software S!MPATI® Pharma. This software records, documents, visualises and manages all relevant process data and fulfils all necessary requirements in accordance with EU GMP Annex 11 and FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

Malcolm Youll, Managing Director at Weiss Technik UK Ltd, said: “For many years Weiss Technik has been developing solutions that are specially tailored to the requirements of the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, medical technology and laboratories. Our experts are very much aware of the high quality and safety standards required and are able to reliably comply with all relevant standards and specifications. We look forward to supporting the safe distribution of the new Coronavirus vaccine in order to protect lives.”
phone 01509 631 595
email Units 37-38, The Technology Centre Epinal Way, Loughborough, Leicestershire LE11 3GE
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