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ProBioGen and Minapharm Pharmaceuticals incorporate MiGenTra GmbH – A Healthcare Transforming Medicines Company


Berlin, Germany and Cairo, Egypt, May 27, 2021
: ProBioGen and Minapharm Pharmaceuticals announce the incorporation of ProBioGen's subsidiary "MiGenTra" with headquarters in Berlin and access to a site in Cairo, which will house its principal manufacturing plant. The formation of MiGenTra accelerates ProBioGen's 2030 growth roadmap and showcases that further growth is not limited to the ongoing capacity increase but reveals one of several significant steps in the diversification of ProBioGen's business.

MiGenTra will enhance the accessibility to critical healthcare transforming medicines at affordable prices for Egypt, the Middle East and Africa (MEA) while simultaneously strengthening regional and local manufacturing capacities. The company will respond to urgent unmet medical needs, supporting efforts by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Finance Corporation (IFC).

MiGenTra combines the scientific and manufacturing expertise from both contributing companies, ProBioGen and Minapharm Pharmaceuticals. It is established for product development and commercialization in the field of Biosimilars, Cell and Gene Therapies (CGT) and vaccines, capitalizing on the strong development capabilities of ProBioGen and the excellent market position of Minapharm in the region.

"Healthcare is not a privilege but a human right", says Lutz Hilbrich, MD MBA and Chief Executive Officer of ProBioGen. He continues: "By creating MiGenTra we exemplify our commitment to overcome inequalities. ProBioGen has been for a while on a growth path. With the formation of MiGenTra we aim to further accelerate our growth while transforming the lives of millions in urgent medical need through state of the art medicines at affordable prices. I am honored to take on the CEO position for this newly built entity. We are committed to contributing to the transformational change across healthcare in the African continent."

Wafik Bardissi, PhD, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Minapharm Pharmaceuticals added: "MiGenTra marks a starting point of practice to consolidate an international platform of intelligent biopharmaceutical technologies with a longstanding regional process development and manufacturing expertise in the Middle East and Africa. Minapharm has demonstrated the feasibility of aligning economic interests and equality in access to affordable complex genetically engineered medicines. The COVID-19 pandemic has once again exposed global inequalities the world has ignored for too long. MiGenTra pledges to ensure equitable access to essential medicines, thereby contributing to the Global Health Initiative."

phone +49 (0) 30 3229 35 100
email Herbert-Bayer-Straße 8 13086 Berlin
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