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Almost 70% of Doctors Say Covid-19 Vaccine Rates Would Be Higher If They Could Administer to Their Own Patients, New Survey Shows


Sermo’s COVID-19 Real Time Barometer survey suggests patients would be more open to vaccine if received from a physician they know and trust

NEW YORK, NY, July 20, 2021 / B3C newswire / -- With variants on the rise and the continued need for vaccinations, a new global survey of physicians finds that many doctors believe that they may be the key to boosting vaccination rates as they are an important source of information, comfort, and reassurance for COVID-19 vaccine-reluctant patients. In Sermo’s most recent COVID-19 Real Time Barometer survey, nearly 70% of physicians said that if they could administer the vaccine to reluctant patients themselves, they believe patients would feel more comfortable about getting vaccinated. Additionally, nearly half of physicians surveyed said that their ability to discuss the benefits of vaccination and answer patient’s questions during appointments could help increase patients’ willingness to get vaccinated.

The Need to Vaccinate Children

Sermo’s COVID-19 Real Time Barometer also showed 65% of physicians believe that vaccinating children is essential for long-term control of COVID, but 55% of physicians also say their patients are more reluctant to vaccinate their children than themselves due to lack of long-term safety data and fear of adverse effects or allergic reactions.

Opportunities to Increase Vaccination Rates Exist

Of the 3,329 physicians around the world who responded to the survey, 60% of physicians believe a one-dose vial that can be administered at the physicians’ office during appointments would be beneficial in continuing to administer vaccinations. A whopping 81% believe that pediatricians and family doctors are in the best position to vaccinate children. Surveyed physicians believe that resources and information should be created to educate their patient base and parents about the importance of getting vaccinated. Needed resources include a risk/benefit analysis, quick answers to tough questions, as well as safety and efficacy data.

“Our survey reveals that physicians worldwide feel strongly that they can and perhaps, should, play a very important role in driving COVID vaccination uptake,” said Peter Kirk, CEO Sermo. “The trust they have built with their patients, combined with the ability to counsel, answer questions, ease concerns and provide assurances could help patients overcome their hesitancy to be vaccinated. Allowing physicians to vaccinate their own patients has the potential to increase vaccine rates.”
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