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Sartorius to Join the DAX Blue Chip Index

Sartorius Group

Preference shares will be part of the German stock market index DAX as of September 17

September 4, 2021 – The life science group Sartorius will be admitted to the German DAX blue chip index. After the market closes on September 17, 2021, Sartorius preference shares will be included in the calculation of the DAX, as Deutsche Börse announced on Friday evening. In addition, Sartorius preference shares will continue to be listed on the TecDAX, the leading index of the German technology stocks.

“Sartorius has been performing very dynamically. Based on its customer focus, innovation, and sustainable profitable growth, our company has been creating value for customers, employees, and investors alike, and we would like to thank all of these stakeholders for their many years of trust. We are now pleased that the performance of our shares has resulted in their inclusion in the DAX. At the same time, we are aware that share price development also depends on market factors that we cannot influence. Membership in the DAX shows the increasing importance of the biotech and life science sectors and puts Sartorius even more in the public eye. Last but not least, it gives us greater visibility as an employer,” said Joachim Kreuzburg, Executive Board Chairman and CEO of Sartorius.

Deutsche Börse had decided on various rule changes for its indices at the end of 2020 and announced that it would expand the DAX index from 30 to 40 members. Following this reform, the DAX will comprise the 40 largest companies traded on Deutsche Börse based on their free-float market capitalization. On the expanded ranking list, Deutsche Börse rates Sartorius 29th.

Once the Sartorius shares that are not freely tradable are deducted, approximately 72 percent of its preference shares will be included in this index, while the ordinary shares will not be considered in the calculation. Thus, only approximately one-third of Sartorius' total market capitalization will be taken into account for determining membership in the DAX.

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