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Nemera wins Pharmapack Award in Connected Devices and Wearables category with its body injector platform Symbioze


Symbioze, the smart, high volume and sustainable on-body injector platform developed by Nemera, wins the ‘Connected Devices and Wearables’ Award at Pharmapack 2021

On October 12th, during the Pharmapack Awards Ceremony, a team of industry experts awarded Symbioze, Nemera’s large-volume on-body injector, with the Pharmapack Award in the “Connected Devices and Wearables” category.

Nemera’s novel on-body injector platform, Symbioze, comprises of a reusable main unit and disposable prefilled drug container module. It offers an ideal balance between the need to deliver advanced formulations at high volumes - up to 20 ml - and patient’s ease-of-use required for self-administration at home.

It is the perfect combination between design robustness, ease of use, connectivity, and sustainability, for a seamless and enhanced injection experience.

Symbioze is specifically tailored to administer complex drugs, such as biologic therapies, thanks to a highly engineered, reliable drug delivery system. It is suitable for large volumes such as 20ml and beyond, while preserving the formulation integrity – which is critical especially with monoclonal antibodies. It is designed to reconcile complex drugs injection with stakeholders’ (patients, HCP or payers) most demanding needs, with enough flexibility for adjustment to any pathology, targeted patient population and drug posology. Its reusable core technology can be re-used across multiple injections, leveraging its sustainable benefit for pharmaceutical players.

“We are very delighted and pleased to receive this prestigious award. This is a recognition to our long-standing commitment to put patients first as well as our innovation capabilities.” – said Séverine Duband, Nemera’s Marketing Director, Drug Delivery Devices – “Over the last decade, several trends impacted the parenteral environement: shift towards at-home and value-based care, growth of biologics, connected health technologies, waste management. These continuously fueled a need for an easy self administration of large dose volumes. With this in mind, we developped our on-body injector platform Symbioze, to deliver large volumes at home, in a sustainable and user-friendly way.”

Bernhard Rohn, VP of Strategy and Marketing, added: “We are very delighted to have received the Pharmapack award for our Symbioze wearable. We developed Symbioze to provide an intuitive and easy-to-use solution for patients, combining high injection volumes up to 20ml, a sustainable reusable/disposable product architecture and compatibility with standard pharmaceutical filling- and final-assembly processes.”

Launched in 1997, the Pharmapack Awards celebrate the latest innovations from packaging companies within the drugs, medical devices, health products and veterinary drugs sectors.


  • Sustainable and cost-effective
Reusable electromechanical part with disposable drug-containing module

  • Intuitive and easy to use for optimum treatment adherence
Simultaneous removal of ergonomic needle safety cap and adhesive liner, minimizing steps-of-use

Provides live injection monitoring, audio-visual feedback, and failure mode control

Enhanced treatment management with a broad range of connectivity features: treatment information, historical trending, infusion status, compliance… 

Easy pairing between device manager application and the core system

  • Ideal for complex, novel drugs administration whilst staying in line with pharma standards

Enables large volume injection (up to 20ml), with adjustable parameters (i.e: flowrate, viscosities, dose volume…)

Specifically tailored for biologics to preserve formulation integrity

Compatible with standard cartridges, filling and manufacturing processes


  • Patch-worn on-body injector
  • Reusable:
Consists of drug-containing disposable element and reusable, rechargeable onboard electronic modules

Locking system for safe assembly and disassembly of reusable and disposable parts

  • Ready to use:

Prefilled and preloaded drug cartridge for patient’s safety

Automatic soft canula insertion via needle safety system with hidden needle throughout the injection

Innovative fluid path to maintain sterility from manufacturing to device use

  • Platform approach:

Provides customization flexibility for adjustments to any pathology, targeted patient population and drug posology

Can accommodate various drug volumes especially for large-volume administration (20ml)

  • Connected:

Drug recognition and verification via NFC communication

Bluetooth built-in communication offers connectivity option
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