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Clinerion adds Patient Network Explorer Coverage to three new Hospitals in Brazil


Basel, Switzerland, April 19th, 2022
: Clinerion has extended its patient coverage in Brazil to three new hospitals with the help of partner iHealth Group. This raises the footprint of Clinerion’s Patient Network Explorer to 22 healthcare organisations and over 8 million patients in Brazil.

The three newest Brazilian hospitals to join the global community of partner hospitals on Clinerion’s Patient Network Explorer platform are:
  • Santa Casa de Misericórdia, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais
  • Hospital Tacchini, Bento Gonçalves, Rio Grande do Sul
  • UOPECCAN – União Oeste Paranaense de Estudos e Combate ao Câncer, also known as the Hospital do Câncer, Cascavel, Paraná

The hospital network in Brazil comprises hospitals of varied sizes, locations and specializations.

Through Patient Network Explorer, patients in Brazil are visible to international clinical trials sponsors, increasing the likelihood of their hospital being selected as a trial site and their being accepted to join trials of next generation treatments. Joining the Patient Network Explorer platform brings physicians and researchers at partner hospitals additional opportunities to offer innovative medical care to patients.

Clinerion matches academic and sponsored trials with clinical trial sites on the Patient Network Explorer platform, according to electronic health records (EHRs) at the sites. The system supports the search and identification of candidates for clinical trial recruitment by querying the EHRs in hospital information systems, i.e. demographics, medications, diagnoses, laboratory test results and procedures, without compromising patient privacy. Clinerion’s global patient network currently covers over 248 million patients in hospitals in 24 countries around the world, including major clusters in Turkey, Poland, and Brazil. Access to this real-world data supports site selection and recruitment for randomized clinical trials (RCTs), and the generation of real-world evidence.

“We have always said that patients are at the center of everything that we do, and we are pleased to have established a strong coverage in Brazil to support patients in the country,” says Barış Erdoğan, CEO of Clinerion. “As we expand, we become able to offer more and more real-world data useful for the development of next generation treatments and procedures.”

iHealth Group supports the expansion of Clinerion’s coverage in Brazil and the fulfilment of Clinerion’s services inside the country. “If we had something positive in the COVID-19 pandemic, it is that science and clinical research are much more valued by people and governments, and we are very proud to have been the pioneers in bringing a technology solution to assist clinical research in Brazil,” says Leonardo Nunes Alegre, COO of iHealth.

Details of the three new hospitals:

  • Santa Casa de Misericórdia de Belo Horizonte: Santa Casa de Misericórdia is a reference hospital and one of the largest in Brazil, with more than 1000 beds (the largest in the state of Minas Gerais). The hospital receives patients from 80% of Minas Gerais municipalities and is the largest hospital and largest provider of services to SUS [the Brazilian national health system], in Minas Gerais. In 2017, it received more than 100 patients from other states. It has 170 ICU beds (the largest number in a single hospital in the country), 19 operating rooms for medium and high complexity procedures, and covers 35 medical specialties.
  • Hospital Tacchini: The Hospital Tacchini offers a total of 301 beds in inpatient units, of which 136 are for the SUS [the Brazilian national health system], the rest for health insurance and private individuals. The research center at that hospital participated in the trials of the Coronavac vaccine for COVID-19.
  • UOPECCAN: União Oeste Paranaense de Estudos e Combate ao Câncer, also known as Hospital do Câncer de Cascavel, is an NGO created in 1991, in the Brazilian municipality of Cascavel, in the Western Region of Paraná, which maintains two hospital units specialized in oncology, one in the main municipality (140 beds) and another in Umuarama (235 beds), in the Northwest Region of Paraná.

The full list of hospitals in Brazil on the Patient Network Explorer platform is:

linerion and iHealth Group will next showcase the capabilities of the Patient Network Explorer network in Brazil at a face-to-face event entitled “AI in Clinical Research - How to innovate with the patient in mind” on April 26, 2022, in São Paulo.
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