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New awards celebrate innovation in sustainable pharmaceutical packaging, winners announced at Connect in Pharma

Connect in Pharma

The Geneva-based inaugural Connect in Pharma event will host an awards ceremony to showcase innovations in sustainable pharmaceutical packaging

17 June 2022 / Sciad Newswire /
YewMaker and Connect in Pharma announce today that the winners of the new Sustainable Medicines Packaging Awards will be announced at an in-person champagne ceremony at the Connect In Pharma event in Geneva on 14 September 2022.

The new awards, run by sustainable healthcare pioneers YewMaker, will showcase and celebrate sustainable innovations revolutionising pharmaceutical packaging, with Gold, Silver and Bronze award winners under two categories. The two categories in the 2022 Awards will focus on design and processes that bring an overall reduction of impact on the environment.

Design Award – This award will showcase innovations in sustainable packaging design. Such a design innovation may involve materials, constituents, size, or shape of medicine or medical device packaging to reduce waste and increase sustainability.

Circularity Award – This award will showcase innovations in packaging services, processes, partnerships or products that reduce single-use packaging and bring circularity into the pharma packaging supply chain.

Shazia Mahamdallie, Chief Scientific Officer at YewMaker, explains why the time is right to launch these awards: “We have to start now if we are to achieve national and global climate change goals. We’re launching these awards to showcase the innovation that’s here today, and to inspire and motivate innovators to find tomorrow’s sustainable packaging solutions.”

YewMaker founder and CEO Nazneen Rahman says Connect in Pharma was a natural fit to help launch the Sustainable Medicines Packaging Awards: “Collaboration and innovation are essential to delivering the changes needed to make sustainability core to how pharmaceutical packaging is designed and used. By announcing the winners of these new awards at the Connect in Pharma conference this September, we can bring a sharper focus on sustainability innovations in the pharmaceutical industry.”

Renan Joel, Divisional Director at Connect in Pharma, adds: “We are very excited to be partnering with YewMaker to host these important awards at Connect in Pharma in Geneva. Connect in Pharma is designed to focus on innovation and technology in the pharma and biotech community, and sustainable medicine packaging design is an important area of innovation in the sector. We are delighted to be coupling innovation with sustainability while putting the future of the planet in the spotlight.”

Closing date for entries is 1 August 2022. Find out more about the event at; Find out more about the awards and how to enter:
phone +32 (0)2 740 10 70
email Rue Saint-Lambert 135 1200 Brussels
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