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Essentra Packaging underlines quality and service with high-performance paper sack range

Essentra Packaging

Essentra Packaging, Bangor (NI), producers of multiwall paper sacks, has shared its perspective on the soaring demand for paper sack packaging, the forces it believes are driving this growth, and how its paper sack range is adding value for brand owners.

Capable of producing up to 30 million high-performance multiwall paper sack units from its facility in Northern Ireland annually, the team at Essentra Packaging works in partnership with customers mainly within UK and Ireland. The business prides itself on extremely high levels of technical ability and expertise, alongside a market leading service level. Essentra Packaging also takes advantage of its unique geographic position, giving market access to the whole of Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales from its base in Bangor (NI).

Declan McGrady, Bangor Site Lead at Essentra Packaging, explains: “When we look to the packaging formats that are grabbing attention, paper sacks are in that mix, but it’s more complex when it comes to accessing a consistent paper supply. Because of this, we are seeing demand outstrip supply and many packaging suppliers that don’t have the global sourcing power of Essentra Packaging are struggling to capitalise on this market growth. Our team has incredible capabilities and can deliver complex projects with ease. We offer true customer focus with warehousing and stock call-off facilities, short lead times, exceptional quality and a service level that simply cannot be matched. Our skills are a dream match for the growing paper sack market!”

“In conversation with our customers, we are often asked why paper sacks are seeing a resurgence. From our perspective, it’s because the technology we have today ticks a lot of boxes not just for the consumer, but for the brand too. With the right partner in place, paper sack production can be incredibly flexible and remarkably rapid. We can offer real value by being close to our customers along with having the agility to adapt to late customisation needs for a modern integrated supply chain”

“The paper sacks can be produced in two formats, all-paper or paper outer with a plastic inner liner, with both varieties providing a strong range of benefits. The all-paper variant in particular can be a very valuable addition to brand sustainability strategy, turning packaging from a necessity into a real competitive edge. Not to mention the potential commercial benefits versus plastic packaging tax impacts. Plus, our vastly experienced team deliver projects from concept to completion. By handling aspects such as design, testing and accreditation, we take away these resource pressures for our customers.”

The paper sack form and function offers high strength and rigidity, making it ideal for a wide range of industries including milk powders and other dairy powders, animal feed, sugar, flour, and seeds. Specifications start from 2 ply 70gsm upwards to meet stringent filling and packaging requirements to protect the contents during transport and storage.

Declan concludes: “With sustainability at the top of the consumer agenda, we’re all looking at paper sacks through fresh eyes. The category is expected to grow, but at the demand rate we are seeing, it would be no surprise if it exceeded its projections. Simply, paper sack packaging offers speed, quality and versatility, the exact qualities brand owners seek in a more volatile commercial market.”

To find out more about Essentra Packaging’s Bangor facility and its paper sack capabilities for UK and ROI, please contact


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