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The global pharmaceutical solutions company on a mission to help manufacturers keep their supply chains moving

ACG World

The current crisis in Europe has led to increasing energy insecurity and shortages of raw materials, which are creating severe pharmaceutical manufacturing supply line disruptions. In some cases, supplier lead times have doubled, prices are no longer certain, and orders are subject to cancellations or delays.

ACG, the world’s largest integrated pharmaceutical and nutraceutical manufacturing solutions provider, is on a mission to help keep the sector moving. With factories, warehouses and distribution capabilities across the globe, the company doesn’t feel the same pressures as other more exclusively Europe-based organisations. This allows ACG to provide far greater supply chain security, where in many instances it offers significantly shorter lead times than its competitors. This is the reason ACG has always invested heavily in its supply chain resilience.

Nikunj Desai, head of supply chain, ACG comments: “We believe we have a duty to help reduce suffering on the planet, and this means enabling pharmaceutical manufacturers to keep producing regardless of circumstance.

“Globally we import from more than 15 countries and export to further 70+. We, therefore, have end-to-end visibility of our supply chain on a real-time basis, which helps us to be proactive in our approach and ensure reliability of supply. We focus on communicating early and often with both suppliers and customers on a case-by-case basis. This allows us to fully understand what support every stakeholder requires in each moment, and so appropriately leverage our position to their advantage.

“During the Covid-19 crisis, ACG did not miss a single delivery anywhere in the world, and with 94% of these deliveries arriving either on time or sooner than promised.”

With products ranging from capsules to films & foils, engineering equipment and inspection systems (all meeting international regulatory requirements), ACG is positioned to offer a range of holistic quality solutions.
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