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Evotec Launches PanOmics Data Analysis Platform PanHunter at Bio-IT World


Hamburg, Germany, 18 October 2022:
Evotec SE (Frankfurt Stock Exchange: EVT, MDAX/TecDAX, ISIN: DE0005664809; NASDAQ: EVO) today announced the launch of the first commercial version of its PanOmics data analysis platform PanHunter at Bio-IT World (18-19 October in Berlin, Germany). PanHunter is Evotec’s PanOmics data access and analytics platform and was developed and used successfully internally and in industry-shaping drug discovery partnerships over many years. Evotec now makes PanHunter available to collaborators and partners as a software-as-a-service (“SaaS”) product.

PanHunter originates from Evotec’s commitment towards patient-centric, PanOmics-driven drug discovery. The amount of available PanOmics data is growing at exponential rates in the public domain and in the pharmaceutical industry. More PanOmics data has been generated in the last two years than in all previous years combined. These PanOmics data hold an overwhelming amount of information about the condition of the respective patients, the molecular biological context, and causes of diseases. To extract such insights and new knowledge from data, it is paramount to use the smartest and easiest-to-use analytical tools and make them available to all scientists across disciplines.

PanHunter is unique in its ability to integrate the analysis of PanOmics data, designed as an easy-to-use yet fully comprehensive PanOmics data analysis platform. It thereby supports, for instance, the stratification of patient populations via molecular mechanisms and the prediction of efficacy and toxicity profiles of drug candidates given appropriate data inputs. With the launch of the first commercial version of the software at Bio-IT World Europe, Evotec makes PanHunter available to interested partners to accelerate their data-driven research.

Dr Cord Dohrmann, Chief Scientific Officer of Evotec, commented: “In the ever-accelerating world of Omics driven drug discovery we are excited to release PanHunter. PanHunter is our contribution to enable scientists to handle huge high-dimensional data sets to better understand diseases on a molecular level. Improved molecular understanding of disease as well as drug candidates accelerates the drug discovery process and improves probabilities of success in the pre-clinic and clinic.”

Dr Matthias Evers, Chief Business Officer of Evotec, said: “With our first commercial release, we are making a bold claim that the future of successful drug discovery lies in convergence between science and tech. With PanHunter we enable scientists across disciplines to explore this potential and engage in patient-driven, PanOmics-informed drug discovery towards deep disease understanding and achieving tractable insights. It is another step to overcome the limitations of a reductionist R&D approach and use AI to unleash disease understanding and improve success rates (“POS”).”
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