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Latest Innovations Showcase Berry’s Pharmaceutical Capabilities

Berry Global

Berry Global, Stand 30F40, Zone InnoPack

Berry Global’s ability to deliver patient-centric innovative packaging, dispensing solutions and drug delivery devices for medicines and pharmaceuticals while at the same time meeting the demand for sustainability will be the major focus of the company’s stand at this year’s CPHI exhibition.

Berry will showcase a wide range of products from its extensive portfolio including bottles and caps, ophthalmic solutions, nasal and throat sprays, vials, dry powder inhalers DPI, and pMDI pressurized metered dose inhalers. Many of these will highlight the company’s latest advances in solutions that offer enhanced usability and safety in administration; utilise digitalisation for the next generation of medical devices and primary packaging; and which are designed in line with circular economy principles.

More than 10 new products on show include the Activated Rispharm™, the first-to-market multidose antimicrobial dropper to help prevent eye microbial infections for patients; the RS01-X single dose Dry Powder Inhaler (DPI) that features built-in sensors and digital services to track inhaler use and help improve adherence and technique; RS01-a new ISCC+ certified capsule-based DPI incorporating advanced chemical recycled resins or bio-source resins following the mass balance concept; and a new range of 1 piece, 2 piece and 3 piece patient-centric child resistant closures.

Another key focus will be products from Berry’s B Circular Range, all of which are designed in line with two key rules of the circular economy - design out waste and pollution and keep product and material in use. This process includes the incorporation of advanced chemical recycled resins or bio-source resins following the mass balance concept; lowering carbon footprint from product lightweighting; and the development of mono-material solutions to improved recyclability.

Activated RispharmTM is a new multidose eye dropper with nozzle and cap activated to kill bacteria and viruses continuously, providing hygienic doses at each use and reducing infection risks. The product delivers unique antimicrobial protection properties thanks to patented mineral technology from Pylote – microspheres- embedded into the resin masterbatch.

The RS01X meets the demand for high accuracy, integrated digital health solutions for precision medicine, where targeted, individualised care is provided for each patient, tailored to their specific profile and medical history. The inhaler automatically captures, stores and encrypts objective data, including user generated inhalations, and connects wirelessly to the Respiro companion app from Amiko Digital Health. The app reminds patients when it is time to inhale a dose and provides personalised insights and tips to help them self-manage more effectively.

The variety of solutions on display will also underline Berry’s position as one of the global leaders in pharmaceutical packaging and dispensing. Berry’s 15 Healthcare focused ISCC+ certified sites worldwide enable the company to offer both international and localised support for customers of all sizes, with bespoke and standard solutions to satisfy individual product requirements while also helping businesses meet their sustainability objectives.
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