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I Holland Highlights the Importance of Tablet Tool Maintenance with Seven Month Equipment Offering


12th December 2022 – 85% of punch and die problems can be traced back to poor handling and aftercare procedures. This alarming figure highlights why the correct maintenance steps are integral to obtaining the maximum life from tooling. I Holland, a leader in the manufacture of tablet compression tooling, is on a mission to emphasise the significance of tool maintenance with 7 months of PharmaCare® discounts for their customers in 2023.

The application of a tool maintenance program is essential to mass-produce quality tablets quickly and in the most cost-effective way. Unfortunately, punches and dies are often viewed as consumable items that are easily replaced. However, the cost of replacement tooling and potential lost productivity increases overall expenses and substantially affects a business’ bottom line. “It is essential not to underestimate the importance of correctly maintaining your tablet compression tooling,” said Marianna D’Onghia, I Holland Marketing Executive.

“If tooling is in good working condition, it not only reduces tablet press downtime but also minimises compression problems, enhances tablet quality, and reduces tooling and operating costs. Because tooling maintenance affects tablet production so extensively, I Holland designed the PharmaCare® 7 Step Process, a logical, professional approach to tooling maintenance and storage that many companies worldwide have already adopted as a Standard Operating Procedure.

“To help our customers improve their tooling maintenance and management procedures, we are launching 7 months of PharmaCare® offers in 2023. It includes all the most requested items, from ultrasonic cleaners, an effective and controlled mechanism to clean tooling, to deals on I Holland’s Tool Management System (IH-TMS). This software has been specifically developed to maintain efficient, well-organised and in-depth monitoring of tablet production giving tablet manufacturers a complete audit trail on tooling usage and maintenance.

“We hope that the 7 months of PharmaCare® offers will emphasise just how important it is to apply practiced procedures to ensure tooling is clean, serviceable and within specification when required for production. To produce high-quality tablets.”

7 months of PharmaCare® savings starts in January with Ultrasonic Cleaners and continues through to November with deals on MF automated punch and die polishing machines.

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email Meadow Lane, Long Eaton, Nottingham. NG10 2GD.
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