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Kayentis and ClinOne join forces to improve efficiency and patient experience in clinical trials


Alliance merges products and services, gaining patients, sites and sponsors unique access to best-in-class eCOA, eConsent and patient engagement solutions. Single point of entry and single point of contact will make conducting clinical trials easier and

Grenoble, France, and Needham (MA), US, January 10, 2023 – Kayentis, a global provider of electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment (eCOA) and Decentralized Clinical Trial (DCT) solutions, and ClinOne, a leading provider for adaptive clinical trial experiences for patients, families and clinical sites, today announce a strategic alliance. This collaboration combines Kayentis’ expertise in clinical trial data collection with ClinOne’s best-in-class consent management and patient engagement technology. Together, they enable patients and sites to access a complete range of DCT solutions with a single point of entry for all types of trials – from traditional to fully decentralized.

Kayentis and ClinOne are providing an integrated solution to address a growing challenge. The volume of decentralized and hybrid clinical trials is rising, approximately 1,300 decentralized trials and/or virtual component trials were planned in 2022, representing a 28% increase compared to 2021, according to GlobalData. This shift has led to the emergence of numerous technologies to meet the requirements of ever more elaborate clinical designs, resulting in making the clinical trials process more complex, expensive and challenging for the users. Kayentis and ClinOne aim to improve this experience by allowing patients and clinical sites to have one dedicated place to go and sponsors to have a single point of contact during the whole clinical trials process, from contract signing to project closing.

“Kayentis is collaborating with ClinOne to provide a complete range of services in DCT, including eConsent, patient portal and recruitment tools. I am very enthusiastic about this partnership with ClinOne. It not only has complementary ‘best of breed’ solutions, it also has similar values and views of the market, with the common goal of better serving sponsors, making the operation of sites and the lives of patients easier,” said Guillaume Juge, CEO of Kayentis.

Established in 2003, Kayentis has developed a reputation as an industry leader in high quality flexible data collection (eCOA). Since 2016, ClinOne has supported patients, families and clinical sites during the clinical research process with a single platform for specialist referrals, eConsent and patient empowerment.

“ClinOne chose to work with Kayentis because of its long-standing focus on quality and expertise in clinical trial data collection. We are looking forward to closely partnering to share our knowledge in patient management to ensure patients receive the best care during the clinical trial journey,” said Andrea Valente, CEO of ClinOne.

Kayentis and ClinOne are building a dedicated web portal, an integrated provisioned devices solution and a singular account management system to create a single-access point to all their services, with a unique account. Biotech and pharma companies will benefit from this union between two proven players in the clinical trials arena with their well-integrated solutions and services, available for patients, sites and sponsors.

Key features of Kayentis’ and ClinOne’s DCT solution:

  • Highly integrated solution combining both companies’ products and services to offer a smooth clinical trial experience
  • eCOA solution to collect and monitor data at home and/or onsite (ePRO/eDiary/eObsRO/eClinRO via multiple devices)
  • Televisit option • eConsent service
  • Patient engagement features, such as patient transportation and medication reminders
  • Robust insights reporting to support key decision-making

Kayentis and ClinOne anticipate that patients will see a real benefit from these features through the comfort of remote access and help from a combined helpdesk for all requests. The solution itself is simpler for patients to use with the single sign-on access.

Sites will also benefit from a combined helpdesk, as well as project management support, single project documentation and a single point of contact during the set-up of the trial, maintenance and closing. Sponsors will be able to rely on Kayentis and ClinOne to deliver a faster process with a key point of contact assigned for project management. This proven solution is designed to ease the deployment of a decentralized trials policy and maximize the amount of data collected.

The alliance aims to continue developing more integrated solutions for clinical trial management to ensure an easier and improved experience for both patients and sites.
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