Allucent Selects THREAD to Power Patient Direct Trials Offering

June 20, 2023 – Other –

Cary, US – 20 June 2023 – Global biopharmaceutical services provider Allucent has partnered with THREAD, an innovative decentralised clinical trial (DCT) and electronic clinical outcomes assessment (eCOA) technology provider, to launch Allucent Patient Direct Trials. The new offering brings advanced technologies and development and regulatory expertise to small and emerging biotechnology companies to support them in designing and overseeing customised decentralised clinical trial approaches.

Allucent will preferentially leverage THREADís DCT and eCOA technology across its global clinical trial portfolio. The partnership is part of a broader strategic initiative within Allucent to transform its clinical trial delivery to center on the patient and drive leading recruitment and retention outcomes, with a key focus on its rare disease and oncology programs. This expanded, three-year enterprise partnership will power Allucentís new Patient Direct Trials offering for its customers.

Mark A Goldberg, MD, chairman and chief executive officer of Allucent, stated, ‘THREAD has a track record of success as a leading provider of decentralised and eCOA technologies for our customers. The companyís no-code technology platform gives us the confidence we need to deliver high quality and on-time studies for our customers.’

THREAD offers a configurable and flexible platform to operationalize a variety of study phases and designs across Allucentís clinical trial portfolio. Its unique and tailored CRO enablement model utilises THREADís expertise and embeds change management support to drive true trial modernization and patient-first clinical research.

John Reites, co-founder and chief executive officer of THREAD, stated, ‘Allucentís Patient Direct Trials offering will enable its customers to center clinical trial delivery on the patient from study design to final analysis. We are excited to be selected as Allucentís multi-year enterprise partner. Its offering aligns with our mission of advancing research for everyone, everywhere.’

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