I Holland Develops Own Range of MF Polishing Machines

November 16, 2023 – Logistics –

16 November 2023 – I Holland is excited to announce that they have developed their very own range of micro fine (MF) polishing machines. Designed to polish tooling to their optimum condition the new I Holland MF25 & MF90 polishers come with a range s. of feature.

The MF90 is the bigger of the two machines and offers an automated polishing solution for tooling whilst also including useful features such as a spacious storage cabinet to safely store media, holders, and paste. The machine comes with integrated status lighting.

The MF25 offers the same level of polishing quality, on a smaller scale. Despite its smaller size, it still has all the key features required of an I Holland MF polisher, with automated polishing that gives high quality results every time.

The two designs in the I Holland range differ to meet the customers’ requirements and budgets. Some differences between the MF90 and MF25 are in their specifications, for example the MF90 has a larger capacity and stands 2062mm tall in comparison to the MF25 which is 998mm tall and designed to be bench mounted. More information on specifications can be found in our ‘Polish’ brochure.

The I Holland range comes as part of the company’s drive to promote good practice when it comes to tooling maintenance. ‘Polish’ is step five in their 7-Step maintenance procedure. The benefits of the automated polishing the new MF polishers provide are plentiful. For example, an MF machine eliminates the risk of over polishing, giving even and consistent results every time.

When tablet tooling is polished as part of a maintenance program, punches will remain in optimum condition helping to ensure efficient production and operation within the tablet press. It also assists in solving a variety of common production problems such as sticking, picking and poor tablet embossing.