Optibrium introduces cloud-based version of StarDrop drug discovery platform

October 27, 2023 – Drug Delivery, Drug Discovery –

  • Cloud-based version of StarDrop retains all the functionality and interactivity of desktop version with improved accessibility and lower total cost of ownership for customers
  • Optibrium recently received ISO 27001 accreditation for its information security system

23 October 2023 – Cambridge, UK – Optibrium, a leading developer of software and AI solutions for drug discovery, today announced that its drug discovery platform, StarDrop, is now also available in the cloud environment. Backed by Optibrium’s ISO 27001-accredited information security system, this cloud-first approach offers StarDrop users several benefits in terms of flexible access and ease of product deployment, maintenance and data security.

The cloud-based version of StarDrop retains all the functionality and interactivity of the desktop application, but with the flexibility to access the software at any time, from any internet-connected computer. Additionally, Optibrium will maintain and upgrade the service with each StarDrop release. Customers will no longer need to purchase or support hardware, or maintain servers. Furthermore, in the cloud, the latest version of StarDrop will be automatically deployed each time, without the need for users to manually manage and install licences.

Hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS), StarDrop’s cloud deployment benefits from its world-leading security model as well as Optibrium’s ISO 27001-accredited information security system. With enhanced data security protocols, all information is protected behind a firewall, and data transfer between the user and the cloud is encrypted, so users can upload or download files securely.

“We are pleased to be able to offer StarDrop in the cloud environment, helping us meet the evolving needs of our customers and community, and are proud of the cutting-edge cloud technologies harnessed by our tech team to optimise user experience, with a lower total cost of ownership for customers.” Ian Smith, Chief Technology Officer at Optibrium, said.Data security is a priority at Optibrium, as exemplified by our ISO 27001 status, recognising our rigorous data security policies and infrastructure.”

For further information on Optibrium or StarDrop, please visit www.optibrium.com, contact info@optibrium.com or call +44 1223 815900.

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