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International Clinical Trials

International Clinical Trials (ICT) is a specialist journal designed to provide global coverage of key topics pertinent to the clinical trials sector.

Published quarterly, and edited by Dr Graham Hughes, the journal offers a platform of communication and information-sharing for executive and strategic decision-makers, seeking out new trends and marketing opportunities, as well as putting a spotlight on the latest innovations coming to market. ICT is specifically designed to be of interest to those actively seeking to source services for improved efficiency in what is an increasingly competitive market.

Prompted by the synergies between trial operations and wider contract research and outsourcing issues, ICT joined forces with sister title European Pharmaceutical Contractor (EPC) in late-2015, in a move that brings added value to both brands. With EPC now an inserted edition within ICT, industry practitioners across these complementary subject areas now have unrivalled access to a wealth of shared views and analyses.
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Featured in this issue
Central Labs
Microbiological Labs

Driven by Results: Part 2

Olga Sazonova, Veronika Khokhlova, Maxim Belotserkovsky
and Andrey Karelin at PSI CRO continue examining quantitative urine culture studies, and consider country-specific differences.

Clinical Trial Management
Site Activation

Head Start

First and foremost, each clinical trial needs to undergo site activation which can be a lengthy and tiresome process, says Melissa Easy at DrugDev. There are, however, three models at hand using the most recent technology to help facilitate trial start-up.

  Clinical Trial Management
Paediatric Trials

On Your Doorstep

With paediatric trials becoming more common, Dr Graham Wylie at MRN states that home visits in particular are part of an increasingly patient-centric healthcare movement.

Edited by
Dr Graham Hughes
Consultant in

Published quarterly in
February, May,
August and November


Industry Events

4th BioLogistics Summit

27-29 June 2016, San Francisco, CA

1 summit for solutions on the storage, handling, and distribution of biologic based products and materials as they are transported.
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News and Press Releases

NIBSC - MHRA, go under the Microscope in the Run-up to their Opening Keynote at Allergies 2016

SMi are thrilled to have Dr Carl Dolman from the National Institute for Biologics, Standard and Control (NIBSC), a centre of the MHRA, present an opening keynote at the 3rd annual Allergies conference when it returns to London on 6th & 7th July.
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White Papers

The Role of the CRO in Effective Risk-Based Monitoring


The clinical trial industry is evolving. In an effort to improve participant safety and data integrity, regulators are encouraging trial sponsors to transition from a focused on-site monitoring approach they have traditionally employed toward a risk-based approach that utilizes a combination of centralized and on-site monitoring techniques to ensure patient safety and data quality. The Risk-Based Monitoring (RBM) paradigm has many potential advantages over established monitoring practices including enhanced patient safety and data integrity, more efficient and effective protocol design, reduced costs, and the ability to strategically adjust oversight in keeping with changes in risk level.
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