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International Clinical Trials

International Clinical Trials (ICT) is a specialist journal designed to provide global coverage of key topics pertinent to the clinical trials sector.

Published quarterly, and edited by Dr Graham Hughes, the journal offers a platform of communication and information-sharing for executive and strategic decision-makers, seeking out new trends and marketing opportunities, as well as putting a spotlight on the latest innovations coming to market. ICT is specifically designed to be of interest to those actively seeking to source services for improved efficiency in what is an increasingly competitive market.

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Featured in this issue
Trial Design
mHealth Technology

Upwardly Mobile

Smartphones, tablets, apps, wearable devices – mobile technology continues to push the boundaries of life and business. ICT questions some key industry figures about its use in clinical R&D in terms of real-time data, cost, speed and accuracy.
Clinical Trial Supply & Packaging
Reverse Logistics

Return to Sender

Despite requirements for unused drugs to be returned and accounted for, this is often considered far down the clinical trial process – raising the risk of delays, discrepancies and unexpected costs. Gavin Morgan at Packaging Coordinators, Inc calls for a rethink.
  Data Management & Statistical Analysis
Risk-Based Monitoring

An Eye for Change

Life sciences companies have been conditioned to perform clinical monitoring in a very ineffective manner using manual data review. Risk-based monitoring will change that, argues Medidata's Andrew Newbigging, improving research quality and cutting costs.

Edited by
Dr Graham Hughes
Consultant in

Published quarterly in
February, May,
August and November

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Industry Events

Clinical Trial Supply Europe

25-26 February 2015,

The 15th Annual Clinical Trial Supply European 2014 conference took place last February in Rome and we were delighted with the feedback from the event. This event boasts flagship status as it poses as our largest event across Europe, attracting at least 400 industry representatives and 50+ service providers.
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News and Press Releases

Pharmtech 2014: a New Syringe Production Line for Gerresheimer

Düsseldorf, November 5, 2014 – Gerresheimer put a new production line for its famous Gx RTF sterile syringe systems into operation this year. At Pharmtech in Moscow the Gerresheimer experts will be explaining the optimizations that can be achieved with the new line and how syringes meet the different requirements of biotech and ophthalmic applications. A special presentation will also illustrate the advantages of Gx MultiShell plastic containers.
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White Papers

Time lapse photography to demonstrate the potential antimicrobial abilities of Dycem contamination control flooring


A defined volume of bioluminescent reporter bacteria was deposited onto 20 mm x 20 mm coupons of Dycem flooring, vinyl tile and ITW Alma tacky mat. Through monitoring of bacterial bioluminescence, metabolic inhibition was observed on all three surfaces however the effect occurred more rapidly on Dycem flooring than on vinyl or ITW Alma. Recovery counts after three hours of exposure to the floor surfaces showed between a 65% and 100% decrease in the number of viable organisms recovered from Dycem flooring compared to controls. On vinyl and ITW Alma flooring, there were slight increases in the number of viable survivors recovered compared to controls. Dycem flooring inhibited the metabolic activity and reduced the number of viable survivors recovered of Salmonella enterica Serovar Typhimurium DT104 pGLITE. It remains unclear as to whether this effect is attributable to the impregnated biocide or rapid drying of the inoculum on this surface.
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